Thursday, 18 September 2014

If I could only have three... Lipsticks for Autumn

Following on from Monday's post, here are my top three Autumn lipstick picks (non MAC!). I just cannot wait to wear them all... I have been wearing my parka (ooh), and feeling so Autumnal today. I also saw the nicest coat I want to get... it was purple and had a faux-fur colour.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Mats... the newest one. I blame this on my gorgeous friend Josie - she posted about it here, and I immediately wanted it. Colour aside, OMG the formula on these are sensational. Will report back in more depth soon.
  • Sephora cream lip stain in 04... I picked this up in Barcelona, and I've been waiting for it to get colder to wear it. So plummy. Like wearing jam on your lips, but much better, and more importantly - it's matte. I feel like this shade would be good if you were French, and in Paris and elegantly smoking a cigarette (not that smoking is elegant, but y'know). 
  • Bourjois Rouge edition velvet in Grand Cru... If you like vampy reds, you're going to need this. Awesome glossy formula that dries down nicely, and this one is blue-toned so it makes your teeth look a bit whiter.

What are your top picks? Let me know! + let me know if you want to see any more 'If I could only have three...' 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Makeup Maths: 1 brush + 1 shadow = done.

I am all for fancy eye looks that need multiple brushes and several different shadows, but sometimes you just want a quick eye look. I've streamlined the shadows that I think look best when swept over the lid using a single brush. 

So, you've done your makeup. You have 20 seconds to do some eye 'look'. Slick on a primer, and then pick up a fluffy blending brush. I recommend the MAC 217, but this dupe from eBay for 99p is also pretty good. 

  • Maybelline Iced fudge - The best drugstore offering. Amazing stuff, really impressive formula. 
  • MAC pro-longwear shadow in Uninterrupted - An orange-toned matte brown, this one looks good smudged under the eyes and all over for a messy look with lots of liner. Love the grungy look. 
  • Burberry Pale Barley - the neutral wash. Adds a little polish to your eye look, without looking over-done. Minimal makeup days.
  • NARS Desdemona - Best used wet, it's a highly metallic purple/plum colour. Sensational formula, check them out!

Do you have a go-to eye look?

Monday, 15 September 2014

If I could only have three... MAC lipsticks for Autumn

Oh boy oh boy. I actually wore boots and tights the other day, I am so excited. Scarves, pumpkins, coffee, crunchy leaves... ahhhh! I absolutely love Autumn, it's so cosy. Alongside other delicious things like snuggly jumpers, Autumn is the season to wear a plummy lip. I have three essentials from MAC, and three that are not from MAC (coming later this week...)

Rebel is an obvious choice, and one everyone seems to love. It's a nice berry - not too purple and not too red. Makes teeth look whiter, and I love how it's vampier but still quite gentle. One to break you into darker lips maybe?

Diva is a matte, which I am obsessed with, because it just means it's easy to wear without it smudging around your face or anything. Also, the name automatically makes you feel sassy when you slick it on, because you do feel like a Diva, which is never a bad thing... If you like wearing red lipstick but crave something darker, check this out.

Dark-side is not miles apart from Diva, but it's an amplified so it is a bit glossier and creamier, and the colour looks darker on the lips. It's less red and more purple-toned than Diva, and is maybe the vampiest of the lot. Oooh, I'm so excited to wear this.

Burgundy lip liner... a little ad-on. The liner that works with all of these lipsticks! Liner is so good when you're wearing dark lips, as you want things to look really neat.