Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Woodwinked is the one.

woodwinked is the one

When you've bought one particular product 4 times... yeah, you might like that certain product. It's definitely a cult product, but MAC Woodwinked just can't be beat... It really can't. It's one of those magical colours that I think would look good on anyone (especially if you have blue eyes!) and works in absolutely any situation. I've happily swiped my way through three whole pans now - madness - and I still love it just as much. 

Woodwinked is a very warm golden bronze with orange undertones. Don't be put off, because with a flick of liner and lots of mascara it will never get too warm. If you really don't like warm shades on the eyes, then maybe it's not the one for you... 

I normally wear it all over the lid with something matte and brown in the crease and then with a flick of eye liner. It goes particularly well layered over the Indianwood paint pot, as the colours are similar enough to complement each other but Woodwinked on top of the paint pot adds such a beautiful dimension and richness to the eye. My top pick for a matte colour to use in the crease would be Embark from MAC. Use the two together and it's all kinds of dreamy.

Are you a fan of Woodwinked?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cosmetic crush: Peach Lipsticks.

the best peach lipsticks

I'm just really feeling peachy lips at the moment. Maybe because I've become a bit scared, and just using a nude peach lipstick is easier in the morning and less hassle? Definitely obsessed at the moment though. In a good old makeup rut. Give me a bronzed eyeshadow, a peach cheek, too much highlighter and then a peach lip and I'm good to go. 

Me being me I couldn't just go with one lipstick. Oh no, I have to have choices. All the choices. I'll start with the one I wore today - NARS Raquel. One of the audacious lipsticks - must get round to penning down an entire post on those soon - Raquel is a pinky peach nude with a creamy formula and lots of pigment. The audacious lipsticks are akin to a satin finish and last around 4 hours on the lips. I first saw this mentioned on Alex Steinherr's instagram (beauty editor of Glamour), and then by Heather at Porcelain Beauty so I knew it was going to be good. If you're looking for a nude lipstick that goes with everything and feels comfortable, you know where to look. Kevyn Aucoin For Keeps is a far more peachier affair. Not orange, by any means, but a perkier peach. If you haven't already, try the Kevyn Aucoin matte lipsticks. The smell isn't my favourite - it's not vanilla, basically - but the formula is pretty special. I love For Keeps because it is such a peachy peach and helps to brighten your whole complexion. I am also loving two from MAC, as you expected. Pure Zen is a cremesheen and one that can be slicked on easily sans mirror. Not long-lasting, but it's moisturising and goes with absolutely anything. To The Future! is one of the pro longwear lipsticks, which are seriously underrated in my opinion. They seriously do last for the longest time. I got this one because of Stacey - her lip six posts are dangerous because she makes every single shade look amazing - and I can see a new obsession with this shade. It's the pinkiest out of this selection, and manages to look really flattering. 

Ok, that turned into an essay. Once I get started, I simply can't stop... Tell me about your favourite peachy lipsticks in the comments, I obviously need more :)

NARS Raquel
Wearing NARS Raquel

Monday, 27 July 2015

A Space NK Wishlist.

A new week, and a new wish list. My Sunday evening was spent browsing on the Space NK website, because isn't that just were dreams come from? Yesterday was such a rainy Sunday, which I actually really enjoyed... It was so snuggly. Chris and I started watching True Detective, which is all kinds of good, and I managed to cook loads of food for the week and do general Sunday things. Obviously the most important is the online browsing, though!

NARSissist matte/shimmer palette - Hello sneaky NARS palette! I didn't even know about you, but there you were on the website and I instantly knew I needed you. NARS is killing it lately, and this palette look delicious. 

Sarah Chapman Ultimate cleanse - The lovely Stacey reviewed this on her blog, and made it sound so good that I knew I needed it. Sarah Chapman does some seriously dreamy skincare, and this cleanser sounds like a skin treat. 

Lipstick Queen Blue Sailor Lipgloss - I did a whole big post on Lipstick Queen last week, which you can see here, but this gloss looks so good. Mainly because it's blue and I am like a moth to a flame for a good gimmick, but also because I want my teeth to look whiter. 

Diptyque Baies Candle - I *need* another one of these because I burnt my way through my last one. This is probably my favourite Diptyque scent, because it makes the whole room (and flat!) smell so lovely. I also have my eyes on the Ambre one for Autumn... 

Sunday Riley Flora oil - Ok I just need all the Sunday Riley in my life. Pretty sure this used to be called Artemis, which I prefer the name of, but my skin needs this?

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo - I smelt this in store and knew I needed it. I need my hair to smell like peppermint and be all minty and fresh when I flick my hair around. 

What have you had your eyes on recently? Do tell :)