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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mixology: Oils + Foundations

Following on from Monday's post, talking about the very best of full coverage foundations, today's post is about some further mixology in the ever-lasting quest for perfect skin. 

I first saw Tati from Glam life Guru talk about it in a video, and a little light went off in my head. YES. You can make foundations more dewy and make them feel more comfortable on the skin by adding a drop of a light oil. Sounds obvious, but it's so effective. Especially with some of the heavier foundations that offer excellent coverage but can be prone to looking a little flat. The secret is definitely less is more here though - I mix in one drop of the Kiehl's daily reviving concentrate (see my first impressions here), which is a fantastically light yet hydrating oil with my foundation of choice - love the Too Faced born this way. I mix it up in my hand, and then blend it using my beauty blender (I know, stop talking about it already), and the foundation sits so well on the skin. If you ever have dry patches on the skin, this is the best little tip. 

What do you think? Do you have any skincare secrets and tips? :)


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Urban Decay's Matte Revolution.

No, don't roll your eyes! I know, I know... I'm talking about matte lipsticks again. I'm like a broken record. With amazing lipstick. The Urban Decay Matte revolution lipsticks are worth sitting up and paying attention to. 

I tried the regular formula of the Urban Decay lipsticks, and I wasn't blown away. Um, they were nothing special in my opinion and a bit too creamy. The matte ones launched (same name as the Charlotte Tilbury, hmm), and I stored the information away in the lipstick vault that it is my brain. One innocent swatching session in Debenhams while I was killing time led to me picking up After Dark. I tried, I loved. Oh, how I loved. Then I picked up 1993 because that's the year I was born! Also I desperately needed more lipstick, clearly. 

The formula on these is absolutely sensational. Creamy, heavily pigmented and comfortable on the lips. When you first apply it you have around 2 minutes of the lipsticks feeling creamy before it really sets down and then it doesn't budge. It's not drying in the slightest, but it is a heavenly matte. I wore After Dark... after dark, at a party, and it did not budge all night. It's a gorgeous blackcurrant berry colour that makes your eyes look brighter and your whole face look lifted. Mmm. 1993 is one of those definite brown shades that might be a tad trickier to work with, but is definitely en Vogue right now and perfect for Autumn. 

What do you think? Going to join the revolution?

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