Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Weddings, Wales and new books!

When you just feel like writing down all the things that are zipping through your head - a blog is your best friend (I just re-read this post before hitting publish and am feeling so good - writing is so cathartic). I have so much going on at the moment, and obviously need to share. Firstly, we just paid our full deposit for our wedding venue - so much money in one go. The biggest transaction. I might cry. It's a mix of being really excited because you know, I'm GETTING MARRIED, and also nausea at the money all leaving in one quick sweep. Last Friday we headed down to Wales to see Chris' family and to have a tour of our venue - they'd been doing some renovations - and we fell in love with it even more. It's just so pretty. In the top left picture above is where the actual ceremony will take place... so crazy. It blows my mind that we're going to actually get legitimately married there. Eeee!

I also had an amazing weekend back in Wales. As a welshie, and an ex-Cardiffian, I feel so nostalgic when I go back. It was Saint David's day over the weekend, so there were dragons and daffodils everywhere. I managed to haul so many things, and eat so much mexican food - perfect weekend right there.

Today is the last day of my current job - who knows where I'll go next. I want to go back into central London probably, and if there's a job fairy reading this - I'm all ears. I've been toying with the idea of writing a post with tips for interning - would anyone be interested?

Also, tomorrow I am having surgery again. Ugh. I had appendicitis before Christmas, but they couldn't actually do an appendectomy so fingers crossed tomorrow they will be able to - the surgery has been a bit last minute, so I'm not sure how frequently I'll be blogging - when I feel up to it :)

I was going to write a full post on some February favourites, but I couldn't be bothered... no point in writing a post I am not enjoying. Rather than waste the photo I thought I'd slip it in here - spot anything you like? The lipstick is modesty and the blush is ladyblush, by the way!

Lastly, I have hauled some books. I use the term 'some' loosely, because 9 books is pretty good going, I think. I absolutely love reading, but since I haven't been commuting this year (as of yet), I haven't been devouring books like I did last year. I'll be resting post-op, so it is a golden opportunity to read my way through some new material. This excites me greatly. I am already half-way through The Rosie Effect, which is sweet. I like the trilogy, it's nicely done. The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force is also pretty decent. Nice illustrations, and a decent read. I have always loved those sort of guide books - Fleur is one of the few 'bigger' youtubers I have much time for, as I feel she has a decent sort of work ethic and actually knows what she's talking about. Plus, she wrote the book herself... she can string a sentence together, which is a quality I look for in a human being I might want to talk to. Oooh, this is sounding aggressive, but basically the book is a nice coffee table read. Or something to flick through when you're on the loo. Yeah, there is nothing worse than being on the loo and having nothing to read. You are talking to the girl who has read shampoo bottles in the past rather than read nothing. 

Over and out! What's new with you? I love the disqus commenting system, it's so chatty and I love replying (note to self - be more pro-active in replying).

Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekend-Away Makeup

Weekend Away Makeup, Packing light for a weekend away

Weekend Away Makeup, Packing light for a weekend away, the do-it all palette, Illamasqua travel palette

Lovely, lovely weekend away in Wales. Seeing Chris' family, our wedding venue (!), and all the shopping. Yes, so much shopping. More on that soon, if you like? But to go shopping for makeup I had to wear makeup, obviously. Instead of packing all the things in the world this time, I tried to pack lightly. Obviously I ended up carting 5 books around with me, multiple outfits and all the other things that I deem essential, but my makeup was actually not an obscene amount? Maybe.

Well... I did pack 7 products for my face. I just want flawless skin, OK? Yes, you do too, I get it. I am as obsessed with primers as always, so the Max Factor Facefinity primer (nice!) along with the My Little Box illuminator, topped with MAC fortified skin enhancer in neutralise and I'm halfway there. It takes me about 10 seconds to do, but sounds far more faffy. MAC Studio sculpt is my favourite foundation at the moment - applied with a damp beauty blender... it's just amazing. Must have if you have drier skin. Three concealer type products because I'm insane, clearly. The Clarins Instant concealer for under eyes, Seventeen Phwoar paint for blemished and MAC prep+prime light boost highlighter in the kitten whisker shape. Lovely stuff. Writing that all down seems a bit awful. So many things. 

For everything else, the Illamasqua multi-facet palette has been officially decreed by me as a must-have for traveling. It has everything you need in one slim little palette. I picked it up in the sale for a ridiculously cheap price, I am so glad! It has a contour, blush, highlight, eyebrow powder and three shadows. Everything! & it has a giant mirror so awesome for travelling. If you see this, grab it!

Little extras include a grubby looking beauty blender (ugh), Kevyn Aucoin lash curlers, Maybelline sensational mascara (post here) and MAC blacktrack liner. 

Boom, done. 

It all managed to fit into one compact makeup bag without exploding or anything. A successful mission. What's your makeup packing style? 500 lipsticks (just incase) or just SPF? Or something in between?

p.s. It's MARCH. I know!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Guest Post-Goodness: Miss Makeup Magpie & Maybelline

Earlier this year I asked some of my favourite bloggers and friends if they would contribute towards some content on my blog - some cheeky little guest posts to inject some variety and excitement into my blog! First up is the lovely Gemma :)

Hi, My name is Gemma and I blog over at Miss Makeup Magpie. I was thrilled when Laura asked me if I could guest post on her blog, as I've always loved Laura's blog.  I really hope you like my post.... xx

Maybelline Color Sensational Peach Poppy Lipstick
Maybelline Color Sensational Peach Poppy Lipstick
Maybelline Color Sensational Peach Poppy Lipstick
Maybelline Color Sensational Peach Poppy Lipstick

Maybelline have launched a new range of shades of their Color Sensational Lipsticks for Spring called the Rebel Bloom Collection. The collection launched over in the US in December so I never expected it to reach UK shores for at least a few months, so I was most surprised to spot them on sale here. The Maybelline Rebel Bloom features ten lipstick shades, although from what I can gather, we're not going to be getting all 10 over here - what a surprise. The collection in inspired by floral pastels and the packaging of the lipsticks in the US is gorgeous, with candy orchid lids however the packaging of our Rebel Bloom lipsticks is pretty boring to be quite honest, as we have just the plain deep red plastic lids.. it would have been nice to see the same packaging considering it's the same collection.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks are £6.99 here, and from the shades on offer within the Rebel Bloom collection, I opted for Peach Poppy as I loved the name, and let's face it, I'm a sucker for a peach lipstick. Peachy Poppy is a light peachy pink shade that reminds me very much of MAC's Sweet and Sour Lipstick - they're very, very similar. The finish and creaminess of this lipstick is similar to that of the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks. Peach Poppy does need a require a couple of careful swipes for perfect opacity as it's not the most forgiving shade due its pastel tones. This shade is so pretty and it's the perfect combination of peach and pink, and it doesn't look too pale or milky. I am definitely going to be purchasing Petal Pink and Power Peony next as they both look equally stunning, and are so perfect for Spring and Summer...

Gemma xx

Massive thanks again to Gemma - make sure to check out her blog (if you haven't already, which I'm sure you have) and show her some love! :)