Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lipliner loving.

Life is too short to obsess over just lipsticks - there are so many more things to add to your lip arsenal. Never gloss because ew, sticky... lip liners though. Yeah, lipliners are all kinds of amazing. Basically, my motto is why only use one product if you can instead use two or possibly even three. Especially because I obsess over matte lips, lip liners are even better. You can draw over your lips - only a bit, please - and then the lipstick lasts longer and the colour looks better and essentially why bother putting on lipstick if you're not going to put in the hard graft with some lipliner. 

My complete favourites are MAC Edge to edge - the nicest pink that looks natural enough to not be pink but makes your lips look bigger. See me wearing it here. If you like the idea of Soar but think it can sometimes be a bit too dark, this one is just absolute perfection. If you do want something browner and 90s centric because this is 2015 and Kylie Jenner is a real life thing then Kevyn Aucoin's lip pencil in Medium is probably the best. I mean, there's the obvious MAC ones... Whirl, Stone etc, but this is the best! Supermodels use it. Supermodels. I want in. 

For reds - MAC Cherry. Obviously. A classic. What a blast! is the one you need if you like orange red lips - full post here

Do you love lip liners? Go on, tell me what your favourites are! :)

Friday, 4 September 2015

Makeup Forever ULTRA HD foundation.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation uk

I think the original makeup forever foundation is one of the most hyped foundations, and I have used and liked it. It's good for when you want your skin to look really smooth and almost a bit fake. The new ultra HD foundation has been designed to work well with new HD technologies on something scary called a 4K camera that is basically as realistic as you can get. I was so excited when Debenhams and Makeup Forever invited me down to get shade matched - a real pinch me moment - and then I had my makeup done and felt so fancy. Why don't I have a glam squad for everyday?

Essentially, this is aimed at a lot of people who aren't going to be on a 4K camera so what you want to take away from it is that this is a foundation designed to look natural on the skin. 

It does look natural on the skin. As in, you can't massively see it but your skin looks much nicer. It's a medium coverage that also manages to make your skin look healthy - it's not going to make your skin look fake. It leans towards being dewy and managed to keep my skin moisturised - perfect for dry skins. Like most foundations, I find it best for me when applied used a damp beauty blender. It blends quickly and then just looks like skin.

When used with a primer, the oiliness is manageable. Nothing can stop my shiny nose, so it needs a touch up with powder towards the end of the day. 

You can find it here, via Debenhams! :) I am the shade  Y215.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation uk

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Beauty Favourites.

august beauty favourites

Don't mind me, I'm just sat in the corner thinking about how it's September already and how this whole year has whizzed by when I blinked once. How. Tell me how. In my head I'm still waiting for Summer but in reality I'm thinking about my scarf wardrobe. Oh yes, a scarf wardrobe.

The main point of today's ramble though... August beauty favourites. So many. Everything has been featured on here before, perhaps multiple times because that's what happen when I obsess and dream about certain products. I'm an all or nothing kind of makeup user.

So, my Sephora haul was a huge success and everything has been loved and will be cherished. I won't elaborate too much (because boring), but you can read my full post about the Sephora haul here. Basically, you need the Kat Von D Shade and light eye palette. You need the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. You need the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop highlighter. Trust me. 

For saving my skin, the Make up Forever full cover concealer is an absolute must, and I raved about this in detail in this post

The other two are all about the eyes. The Weleda skin food smells all kinds of dreamy and is also an excellent eye cream. Only if you have dry eyes. As in, really dry eyes where your concealer goes all patchy by lunchtime and your under eyes feel like crinkly tissue paper. A tiny dot of skin food is perfect and manages to keep your eyes hydrated for a long time. Also good for random dry patches, on your hands when they're scaly and sad and just generally smother your entire body in it and then thank me later. 

Lastly, the Charlotte Tilbury eye liner in Barbarella Brown. It doesn't look too exciting, nestled amongst the rose gold loveliness that is the Tilbury counter, but it's so brown and smudgy and adds that special amount of definition that make it look like you're far more skilled than you are. More flattering than black and resists my watery eyes. 

What have you been enjoying lately?

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