Friday, 28 October 2011



Hope you're all fabulous as ever!

Will try my hardest to keep on doing regular posts, promise :)))

Anyway, I finally got my hands on some Vivo stuff and it did not disappoint ;) 

... I walked into my local tesco and they had a lovely new shelf full of the stuff, I almost did a dance... I did do a dance. not ashamed.

So, what did I get?

Well, I picked up 2 of the baked blushers (£4 each) - Peaches and Cream and Rouge Shimmer

I also got one of the pearl eyeshadows (£1.50 i thinkkkk), in pale gold...

And I got some liquid black eyeliner (forgot to get a picture!)

The eyeliner is pretty good... jet black, good brush, pretty standard bottle (nothing to write home about) 
Always good to find a black eyeliner that works well :)

Here's me wearing Peaches and Cream... I love this, it's so pretty. It's meant to be a pretty good dupe for one of the Mac MSFs, can't remember which... will check!

It gives you a nice, healthy glow though. Definitely worth checking out!

Eeeee, I'm going to the Aussie-versary party tomorrow, i cannot wait! Gunna meet loads of the lovely girls behind my favourite blogs :D

Laura xx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mac Show Orchid ...


Hope you're all well :D

So I finally, finally can say I have Show Orchid in my (ever-expanding) collection :) I was so excited when I saw this was being released as part of the new collection, as it's normally a Mac PRO item, and so was unavailable. Maybe because I knew I couldn't have it made me want it more...? Haha, probably!

It's a bright, bright fuchsia-pink, with blue undertones,
Anyway, I'm so glad I got this, it's such a lovely colour. It's quite unusual, and I don't have any dupes, yaaay :)
It is pretty bright though, so probably not for neutral lip lovers ;) Having said that, I did find wearing it surprisingly easy ... pinks are easier to pull off than reds? Hmm...

It's in the amplified finish - so, super pigmented and colourful, yaaaay!

It costs £13.50, and is sold out online, but your local mac counter is likely to still have some, if you hurry :D

Laura xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Urban Outfitters mini haul..

Hello, lovelies!

Haven't really mentioned any fashion-y things on my blog before, but I picked up a couple of things from Urban Outfitters (they had a Student night discount event) 

I got a tiger t-shirt - I love, love, love Urban Outfitters shirts, I think they're the best I've found. I'm pretty tall, and they fit me :) I also love Tigers? Aha, fun fact for you - Tigers can't retract their claws, ever...

I also got this little gem of a bag, for £8 :D I do love bags, and this one is so cute and littleeeeee...

Would you guys be interested in any more fashion elements, like an OOTD? Let me know :D 

Laura xx 
Friday, 7 October 2011

Illamasqua Faux Pas NOTD

Hello, cuties!

Hope you're all okay :)

I think Illamasqua is becoming my favourite cosmetics brand, their products are just unbeatable in terms of pigmentation ... and their collections are so clever!
Their latest one is called 'Theatre of the Nameless', and they have 4 rubberised nail polishes - A green, a purple, a brown & a red .... I love purple...

So, look how pretty it is!

Look at the colour! It's so beautiful, I think I want to marry it... Is it wrong to want to marry nail varnish? I don't even care. 

The lid is all rubberised to match the formula - rubbery :) 
Somewhere between a gloss and a matte, I fricking love this finish! I've also been wearing this all week without a topcoat, and there are hardly any chips - swish!

Laura xx
Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lush Snow Fairy is back!

Hello, lovelies!

Sorry I've been a bit scatty recently, so many lectures/late nights etc...

Anyway, today I popped into Lush (my new town has a two-storey Lush!! So so excited!)

They have the Christmas stuff! Glorious, glorious Christmas stuff, all over the Lush shop...

Most importantly, Lush has Snow Fairy again, mmmmmmm.

I picked up a bottle, can't wait to use it!
I also got the Snow fairy lip balm - it gives your lips a lovely pinkish stain and tastes like Snow Fairy (can you tell that Snow Fairy is one of my favourite smells of all time? :D)

Alssso got another Seanick shampoo, I love it - makes my hair all bouncy and nice :) 

I got one Christmas soap, Angel's Delight, it smells like jelly beans and sweets :)

Here's what the Snow Fairy looks like on the lips :)

Right, so I'm going to go obsessively read the new copy of the Lush times, woo!

Laura xx