Mac: Party Parrot

I got home from a lovely day with my best friend (hello!) to find my Mac order waiting for me… obviously had to put on my new lipstick immediately and take pictures 😉
The lipstick in question is called Party Parrot, and is part of the Iris Apfel for Mac collection (online exclusive)
The collection is:
“Inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time… a collection… with as much flair and joie de vivre as the woman who helped to create it…” 
-Mac website
Here’s a picture of the lady herself, which should suggest how bold the collection is 😉
Source: Architectural Digest
The collection had 5 lipsticks, and as I am ever the lip fanatic, I had to have one … 
The lipsticks are 
Morange (permanent)
Party Parrot
Pink Pigeon
Scarlet Ibis
I went for Party Parrot, which is described on the website as a bright red-pink – definitely true 😀

Lovelovelove <3
It is super bright, and a matte formula… it might not be for everyone aha 🙂
I love it though, I love bright lipstick!
*The Iris Apfel collection for Mac is available currently online*
Have any of you tried anything else from the collection? And are you loving bright lipstick? 
Let me know 🙂
Laura xx