Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hello :)

I picked up my ZOMG! at the ZOMG! event, but I've waited over a week to review it, as I wanted to try it a fair few times..

I've been wearing it to death! On nights out, on trips to the library, during the day... 

Anyway, check out the pictures!

Excuse the chipped nail!

Packaging feels similar to Nars or Barry M, but longer and with a glossy band around the middle.

Look at it, in all its pretty pinkness!

One swipe, on bare skin. Crazy pigmentation! 

Without flash.

With flash. Picks up the blue tones more.

So, what do I think?

In a word, LOVE. Seriously, this is such a pigmented lipstick and the colour lasts for AGES (I may have gone to bed with my makeup on after a particularly late night out and I woke up with the lipstick still on... I felt sexy)

It's not quite a matte finish - I'd compare it to a MAC satin finish? It's quite glossy at first, but it does dry your lips out a bit, the more you wear it... but then you just reapply it ;)

It also smells and tastes similar to MAC lipsticks, yum! I love the vanilla scent, my favourite!

I'd recommend exfoliating and putting on a balm on before - my balm of choice being minty carmex. 

I found the colour really flattering for my skin tone - made my eyes stand out, and my teeth look whiter :D 
We've all applied lipstick in the past, only to smile and look like you have smoker's teeth... I have at least. 

I also found the shape really good - it's rounded, so easy to fill in your lips straight from the tube, without a lip brush, which I need generally with brighter colours to be precise. 

ZOMG! is available now here for £14 - the other Rockalily shades have sold out pretty quickly though! 

Have any of you tried Rockalily? Link me to any reviews :)

Stay tuned for another Rockalily review, I ordered one of the limited edition shades after swatching it ;)

Laura xx


  1. this colour is gorgeous, love the packaging too. looks really nice on you x

  2. I also like the ZOMG lipstick!

  3. Such a gorgeous shade! I wish I'd pre-ordered one for ZOMG! I think I'll have to get it when I get paid :) xo

  4. What a gorgeous colour lipstick - love it!


  5. love your blog <3
    i am a new follower ...
    -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

  6. This is a lovely colour, also love the packaging :)