Thursday, 2 February 2012



So, on Monday I went to London to the Zomg event hosted by Rockalily and Zoe (The London Lipgloss)

I was super excited to have been invited, as the party was to celebrate social media and the launch of the new Rockalily lipstick, ZOMG! 

 I am a massive lipstick whore ;)

Photo by Tigz 

L-R, Tami, Me, Megan, Amy & Rosie 

The event was held at The Distillers in London, a ridiculously ritzy bar/pub place. I loved the decor! It was very glamorous and ... ritzy, haha.

There was a cupcake decorating stand, by Temptation Creations - delicious. I didn't take a photo of mine because it looked terrible, apparently I'm not cut out to be a cake decorater? Tasted awesome though!

Shockingly bad photo of the Rockalily lipsticks - Limited edition shades on the left, I believe. As Rockalily is an online business, it was good to see the lipsticks to swatch in real life (I may have made a cheeky order since swatching ;))

It was such a lovely atmosphere, everyone I met was incredibly friendly and gorgeous :) 
I tried my best not to get too fan-girly around my favourite bloggers, aha..

Miss Banbury Cross in action 

After the blogger bingo, we saw two burlesque acts - a modern routine (Rubyyy Jones) & a more traditional one. I've never seen any burlesque in real life before, it was amazing. Both artists were beautiful!

The lipstick ZOMG! has been on my lips nonstop since Monday, and I've had so many compliments :) I'm going to do a full review on that in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Check out my awesome name tag :D It was so cute!

It was such a fun night, and a great opportunity to meet the people behind the blogs - big thanks and love to ReeRee and Zoe <3

Laura xx


  1. Aww everyone seems to have had such a lovely time! :) xxx

  2. Lovely post! Was so nice to meet you petal! xo

  3. It was so good to finally meet you Laura! I need to get my hand's on Man's Ruin now! xx