Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Opi NOTDs of late..

Hello, cuties!

I'm on 'reading week' this week so I'm going to blog lots more ;)

Today's NOTD is from last year's Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger tides collection, which I LOVED. I loved all of the colours, and although I'd say my favourite is mermaid's tears, I have a lot of love for the namesake - Stranger tides..

Look at it in all its green-grey-murky glory. It's such an unusual colour, I love it! 

It's greener than it is grey, although it looks really different in different lights - varies from a bright green in sunlight to a dusty grey in dark light... yum. 

& from the new Holland collection I got I Don't Give A Rotterdam! (Hahahaha at the name)

DIssapointed by how sheer it was though, this is 3 coats and there is still some VNL. I love the colour though, I do love my blue polishes..

See on the index nail, see how you can see the nail line? :(

I do like the colour though, very spring appropriate :) 

I'm so excited to wear all the pastels and light colours now.. while I do love my dark polishes, it makes a nice change! 

Any spring colour suggestions?



  1. I love the first color! :)

  2. The first colour is lovely I haven't seen any nail polish like it!xxx