Friday, 4 May 2012

Hey there, Sailor!


The two newest MAC collections had me drooling, all colourful and summery and beautiful.

I picked up 2 things each from Reel Sexy and Hey, Sailor!

Today I'll show you the bits from Hey, Sailor! ;)

Eyeshadow in Barefoot (veluxe pearl) and lipstick in Sail la Vie (Satin)

I like the packaging, stripes are always good in my book. Retro?

Sail La Vie - SUCH a good name for a lipstick. Love it. 
It's a pink, bright orange - it's a really good formulation, more like an Amplified than a Satin. 

Comparing my other orange/coral lipsticks for reference - L-R Hibiscus, Topshop Infared, Sail La Vie, Vegas Volt, Costa Chic

I I loved all the eyeshadows, but only got one - A gold veluxe pearle that was practically calling to me ... ;)

It's a lovely true gold, I love it :) 

*stops writing to apply*

Do you like the new MAC collections?

Laura xx


  1. I love the gold shadow it looks amazing x

  2. booo I wanna try them out :-(

  3. I bought a MAC Hey Sailor eyeshadow,too! I bought Crystal Avalanche :)