MAC's Light Year

Isn't it pretty?
I think MSFs are works of art...
I showed my Mum and my boyfriend and called it beautiful... they didn't understand me. MAC addict problems!
This baby is from the new Heavenly Creatures collection, a collection based all around the galaxy. 
This is MAC's Mineralized collection of the year and it's pretty big - 4 MSFs, 4 blushes, mineralised eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc...

It's described as a peachy pink with golden shimmer - pretty spot on description. 
This is the perfect colour for a highlight or a blush - on top of your cheeks with a matte blush, or on its own. I loves a bit of versatility. 

It's not a particularly unique shade, but I love the formula - it's shimmery but not insanely glittery and is soft and blend-able.

I'm going to use it in a FOTD so you can see what it looks like used on the skin (should be up tomorrow)

What do you guys think?

Laura xx


  1. I showed my Mum and she just didn't understand either! I think its safe to say I'm an MSF fan now, can't wait to try the natural ones and more limited editions to come! :p xx

    1. Haha, it's hard being so obsessed! Yay, glad you like it :D xx

  2. This is just so gorgeous! Love MAC MSFs :) x

    1. They're some of the best MAC products :) xx

  3. Wow! This shade is utterly gorgeous!


  4. This is so pretty - trying to resist this collection but this post doesn't help!! Hahaha xxxx

  5. I've been wearing this at work alllll week! I'm addicted! x

  6. I love their new swirly blushes, they look so cool! x


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