My Maybelline colour tattoos!

Maybelline Colour tattoos
Left to Right – Eternal Gold, On and On bronze, Pink Gold, Too Cool
Maybelline colour tattoos are essentially the highstreet alternative to MAC paint pots… I’ve never actually tried a MAC paint pot, so can’t compare, but I’m sure I will one day! 
(If anyone has tried paint pots… which shade do I start with?)
Anyway! The Maybelline colour tattoos are basically little glass pots of highly pigmented gel/cream eye products. You can use them as a base to intesify the colour of your eyeshadow, a primer to help your shadow cling to something for longer, a shadow on its own or a liner. They claim to last for 24 hours (debatable) and to be crease-resistant. 
They come in little glass jars with black screw top lids. The glass isn’t too travel friendly really, as I would be scared of it breaking. I am also really careful screwing the lid on tightly, to ensure the product doesn’t dry out. As you can see from the picture, one of them is different. That’s the American packaging, which I prefer! 
America also has loads of shades the UK doesn’t have. I was lucky enough to receive Too Cool from the lovely Aiimee (check out her blog here and the amazing stuff she sent me here!) but it’s a shame the UK doesn’t have as many shades available. 
Out of the shades I have, I think Pink Gold is my favourite. It looks awesome under All that glitters, one of my favourite MAC shadows, or Expensive Pink. 
Too Cool makes your eyeshadows seem more vibrant, as the white colour makes a completely smooth canvas. 
Eternal Gold is my second favourite, as I wear a lot of gold-toned shadows and I think this goes really well with them.
On and on bronze is probably my least reached for, but still a lovely colour. 
Overall, I think these are great products. They last for a really long time, and you only need a tiny bit as they’re so pigmented. They also feel quite ‘greasy’, so they blend easily and aren’t too hard.
Have you guys tried these? What shades do you like?
Laura xx