Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring has sprung: NARS Lhasa

Hello :)

I love the Nars spring collection this year, wanted everything. Managed to only buy one thing though... narrowed it down after reading Cami's post here.

Lovely, lovely Nars packaging.. so pretty. I think the Nars packaging is my favourite of any makeup brand, it looks really sleek.

So very pretty! It's as if silver and purple had a baby, and that baby won the contest for best looking creation? Haha.. 

It has a shimmer to it, but not chunky glitter or anything.

Swatched on bare skin

Here it is on its own all over the lid, with a little bit of eyeliner (L'oreal super liner in carbon gloss)

It's so beautiful! The perfect mix of purple and taupe and general beauty. I'm not normally a fan of cool toned shadows, with warms golds and browns being my usual thing, but I love this. 
It's so wearable, on its own in the day... you could do a taupey smokey eye in the evening - Satin taupe, I'm looking at you!

Really suggest you all buy this! Haha :)

Laura xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

MUA's sweet kiss

Hello :) 

Hope you're all well <3

So, MUA recently launched a collection with love hearts, with lip balms and nail polishes that match the sweets of the love hearts..

I chose the peachy pink colour, great for everyday.

It adds a nice gloss to your lips, on its own or with lipgloss.

Tastes/smells like vanilla, the best smell for lip products, in my opinionamundo. 

Moisturises nicely, better than vaseline! (I think Vaseline is pointless...)

Overall, a great cheeky little lip balm to throw in your bag... am I the only one who freaks out if I don't have at least 2 lip balms with me at all times...?

£2 for 10g of lovely lip balm.

Have any of you checked out the MUA love hearts collection?

Laura xx
Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mac Naturally MSFs

Hello :)

I was so excited by Mac's new collection, it's all so pretty and wearable.

"Nature Girl...for a look that's understatedly sexy and gloriously "undone" - a new collection of nothing-to-hide hues. Soft shades, rich patinas and sheer loveliness. Just what you need to keep your look dreamily down to earth!"

-Mac website

It's quite a big collection, with eyeshadows, lipsticks, brushes, MSFs, blushes... 

The 2 re-promoted MSFs caught my eye, lalalalaa

Check out the rest of the collection here

Redhead & Blonde swatched on bare skin.

I love these! I prefer the colours of Blonde, but the formulation seems smoother on the Redhead.

They're sold out online, but I'm pretty sure my local counter had some in stock.

Have any of you picked up anything from the Naturally collection? Link me :)

Laura xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mac palette

Hello :) 

Thought I'd do a detailed post on my (beloved) Mac palette :) It was a project to finish, so much fun! I love deputing shadows, I find it really satisfying, plus you get to B2M... Win win. 

*Heavenly chorus*

Top row - All that glitters, Expensive Pink, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive

Second row - Mulch, Tempting, Antiqued, Mythology, Honeylust

Bottom row - Amber lights, Folie, Brun, Patina, Bronze

All that glitters

Champagne coloured shade, great for everyday. Brightens up your eye area :)


Shimmery chocolate brown, love this. Great for a smokey eye. 

Amber Lights

Orange-y toned bronze.. great for blue eyes. 

Expensive pink

Gold toned pink! Love this.. Really warm toned, and fairly similar to Mythology, but pinker. 


Sparkly gold heaven! Just hit pan on this bad boy, wooo.


Matte red toned brown... good for contouring with.


My favourite Mac shadow, and possibly shadow ever.. Orangey toned bronzy gold-y colour - are you noticing a trend in colours I like? Aha... This is my go-to eyeshadow, if i'm in a rush and want a wash of colour, or to use for a smokey eye, or anything really! Makes my eyes look bluer. If you don't have it, go buy it!


Coppery brown with shimmer, I think would look amazing with green eyes... I'm still a fan though ;)


Matte brown, good for contouring the socket when I've used mostly sparkly colours. 

Satin taupe

Super popular Mac colour, a cool toned taupey colour. 


Expensive pink's cousin... less pink and more coppery. Has chunkier glitter than Expensive pink as well.


Cool toned greeny brown... 

Sumptous Olive

Goldy greeny goodness. Don't have many green colours, so I like this. 


Haven't heard much about this colour on the blogosphere, don't know why.. Recommend it!


Newest baby in my Mac palette, don't know how I didn't have this before. Looks good blended with amber lights, for a casual colour graduation... 

And have a picture of some piglets, for random cuteness.

Laura xx
Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another day, another face..

Hello, you lovely lot :D

Have a FOTD! 

I've been trying to use products that are new/I haven't used in ages the last couple of days, always good. 'Shopping the stash' if you will! 



UD Primer Potion 
L'oreal volume million lashes in Extra-black
Illamasqua liquid metal in Electrum 
Mac chromographic pencil in NW35
MUA clear mascara as brow gel
Sleek brow kit in Dark


Mac fortified skin enhancer in Neutralize 
Mac pro longwear in NW20
Nars cream blush in Penny Lane
Mac MSF in Soft & Gentle
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in Light
Benefit erase paste in 01
Mac MSF natural in Medium


NYX lipstick in Tea Rose

I am so in love with Illamasqua Electrum! It's so amazingly creamy and pigmented and gold and beautiful! If you've seen any of my other FOTD's, you'll know i'm a fan of gold-y eyeshadows - think they go well with my blue eyes and that ;)

Also been loving a bit of Penny Lane, a blush that had been fairly unloved in my collection for a while.. been applying with one of my new Real Techniques brushes. I love the colour, it looks far less pink or corally than most of my other blushes, very natural. 

& love for my NYX Tea Rose <3
Creamiest lipstick ever! Go buy one now!

What makeup have you guys been loving lately?

Laura xx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine love!

Hello :)

I've had a really busy week, missed blogging! 

I took part in lovely Amy's Secret Valentine's swap - check it out here

I was so excited when my flatmate knocked on my door and told me I had a parcel on Valentine's day :D 

Lush sweetheart soap and a giant lolly!

Big thank you to Hazel! I love my presents <3

Also went out on Valentines night with my flatmates, so have a FOTN ;)

I did a smokey eye using Naked2... was thinking about doing a post on how I do my smokey eye, if anyone's interested?

As I'm typing this I'm eating the lolly, hehe ;) 

Laura xx
Sunday, 12 February 2012

IMATS haul part 2..

Hello :) 

When I was at IMATS, I got my hands on some other goodies :) 

I'd been lusting (can you lust after brushes..?) after the Real Technique brushes for ages, and I finally got some ;)

I got the Stippling brush, and the face basics kit..

I've been using the stippling brush for the whole week, and I love it! It gives a lovely finish to your foundation, and helps you blend everything really easily. 
The other brushes are awesome too, I've been using the highlighter brush (second from left) with my Mac MSFs, and it has been pretty good at blending :)

I've used the brush next to the stippling brush for application of cream blush or powder :)

Also picked up some brush cleanser to look after my new beauties :)

I've used it and it does get your brushes really clean, although it smells quite chemically. Hmm.

Any of you tried Real Techniques?

Laura xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

When it comes to Chanel, I can't help myself...

Hello :D

I was innocently perusing the Chanel counter, looking for a sample, in a better shade, of the new Perfection Lumiere...

-What is it with Chanel MA's and thinking my skin is far more orange than it actually is? Just me?-

I glimpsed this little beauty from the new Spring collection... it was love at first sight. 

I picked it up, gazed in love, put it down, repeated about 10 times, walked out of the shop & got halfway down the street before I went back and speedily purchased. 

It's such an unusual red! A dusky red. I usually hate red shades, but not this one!

I love this colour so much! 

Even in two coats, creamy, glossy, standard Chanel formula. 
I used Sally Hansen top coat over this :)

I think this is an awesome colour for spring, it's much more wearable than darker colours. 

Available nationwide now. 

I applied on Tuesday, and have no chips yet! (Thursday afternoon)

Any of you made Chanel spring purchases?

Laura xx
Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hello :)

I picked up my ZOMG! at the ZOMG! event, but I've waited over a week to review it, as I wanted to try it a fair few times..

I've been wearing it to death! On nights out, on trips to the library, during the day... 

Anyway, check out the pictures!

Excuse the chipped nail!

Packaging feels similar to Nars or Barry M, but longer and with a glossy band around the middle.

Look at it, in all its pretty pinkness!

One swipe, on bare skin. Crazy pigmentation! 

Without flash.

With flash. Picks up the blue tones more.

So, what do I think?

In a word, LOVE. Seriously, this is such a pigmented lipstick and the colour lasts for AGES (I may have gone to bed with my makeup on after a particularly late night out and I woke up with the lipstick still on... I felt sexy)

It's not quite a matte finish - I'd compare it to a MAC satin finish? It's quite glossy at first, but it does dry your lips out a bit, the more you wear it... but then you just reapply it ;)

It also smells and tastes similar to MAC lipsticks, yum! I love the vanilla scent, my favourite!

I'd recommend exfoliating and putting on a balm on before - my balm of choice being minty carmex. 

I found the colour really flattering for my skin tone - made my eyes stand out, and my teeth look whiter :D 
We've all applied lipstick in the past, only to smile and look like you have smoker's teeth... I have at least. 

I also found the shape really good - it's rounded, so easy to fill in your lips straight from the tube, without a lip brush, which I need generally with brighter colours to be precise. 

ZOMG! is available now here for £14 - the other Rockalily shades have sold out pretty quickly though! 

Have any of you tried Rockalily? Link me to any reviews :)

Stay tuned for another Rockalily review, I ordered one of the limited edition shades after swatching it ;)

Laura xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

IMATS 2012


Hope you're all enjoying the snow... and you're not all too cold ;)

Yesterday I went to IMATS... had such an awesome time. Right now, I want to become a makeup artist!

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking... there are a few of them :D

Ally Pally - such a pretty building. I was really excited to go, I'd never been there before.. Definitely want to go again.

The view from Ally Pally over a snowy London :)

The MAC artist Neil Young who did 'A darker shade of beauty'

For any Harry Potter fans - Golbin, Fenir Greyback & George Weasley prosthetics

Ally Pally

Sleek stand

NYX stand

Sam and Nic! :D (aka Pixiwoo)

Onto the Illamasqua haul!

I picked up eyeshadows in Boomerang, Courtesan and Imagine, liquid metal in Electrum, cream blush in Sob, eyeliner in Please, Illumine oil in Volt.

I got the kabuki brush for £10, and it retails for £39 now in shops :D

So pretty! It has blue and purpley sparkles. £7.50

3 eyeshadows for £10, blush and liquid gold £5 each

From L-R Boomerang, Imagine, Courtesan 

From L-R Please, Electrum, Sob

I had so much fun! 

It was awesome getting to see brands I don't normally see, like NYX, OCC, Mac pro, Inglot... 

Also got to see Sam & Nic from Pixiwoo, which was exciting. 

Can't wait to go again next year!

Laura xx