Haul - MAC, Space NK & more...

I had Christmas vouchers for a grand total of two days before I spent them. I'm not sorry!
I scuttled over to the MAC in Debenhams on the day the Apres Chic collection launched and the rest was history... 
I also perused the shelves of Space Nk, where I drooled over gorgeous things and left with two new additions to my stash. 

Laura xx


  1. Are there some pictures missing from the post? I can only see the one with the MAC and the Space NK bags and then the post ends :-/


  2. Oh wait, if there's a video in this post it might be that it isn't showing up for me. Youtube has been playing up in the last half an hour and I can't load the website at all and can't see anyones videos in their posts so it's probably an issue on my side :)


    1. Yeah, it's a video :) Hope it works soon! xx


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