The most decadent purchase of all… Chantecaille Just skin!

Chantecaille just skin 
The guilty purchase face – I love Chantecaille! 
I’ve had this product since September now, so I think I can talk about it. 
This product had been on my wish-list for a very, very long time. I’d seen it mentioned by Laura (BuyNowBlogLater), Anna (Viviannadoesmakeup), Fleur (Fleurdeforce) & Tanya (pixi2woo) – some of my favourite blogs! 
I was unsure about the coverage, the finish… but I just could not get it out of my head!
I stroked it lovingly many times in my local Space NK, and tried it with an MUA, and I lovvvvved it. 
It was yellow toned enough to cancel out my redness, and made my skin kind of magically glow. 
When my magical loan came in, back in September, a sneaky Space NK purchase was made…
This is expensive stuff. I know. It’s shamefully expensive. Having said that, I love this stuff. It gives me light & gentle coverage and at the same time adds a glow.
It’s not the longest lasting, but with a primer and powder on my t-zone it lasts around 7 hours on me before it starts to fade in the centre of my face. 
If you’re crazy enough (like me) to want to spend £57 on a tinted moisturiser, you can get it here!
Laura xx