The L’oreal speckled nail

L’oreal confetti over Essie ‘Cocktail bling’
L’oreal confetti over Revlon ‘Bare bones’

This season has seen an increase in fancy nail effects – little skulls from Nails Inc, mini egg nails from Illamasqua and now the confetti nail from L’oreal! The L’oreal top coat is essentially a glitter top coat, made with flecks of black and white that together look like salt n’ pepper nails. I find it easiest to apply when you dab it on gently rather than regular coats. It dries quickly and looks pretty awesome – thumbs up from me! I think it looks nicest over pastel colours – especially Essie Cocktail bling! It’s not especially painful to remove and is definitely easier than regular glitter, but still takes a bit more patience. 

£4.99 from Boots – link!
What do you think? Will you be speckling your nails?
Laura xx