Newness – Hourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush

Ok, so wow. I’m sweating like a sinner in church about these new Hourglass blushes… dayum they good. So marbled and pretty. There are 6 & I have luminous flush (not flesh. flush) Each one has the ambient light qualities like the powders, but with the added awesome bonus of having a gorgeous pop of colour. Each blush is hand baked in Italy, so no two are exactly alike. Fancy! Luminous flush is a pinky coral that on me pulls a bit more coral. It has some gold in it, & it’s definitely warm-toned. 
Wearing Hourglass ambient lighting blush in luminous flush 
*I filmed a Get ready with me video using this blush, if you want to see more check it out here!*

The formula of these is so nice – these will work for anyone. They’re finely milled – so finely milled that  swirling the brush around results in some powder spillage. They’re not too pigmented & really easy to blend. I think it would be hard to overdo these, so if you’re wary of the ol’ aunt Sally cheeks, these are worth a rec. I don’t know how they’d work on darker skin tones… I have a feeling some would act as a highlighter. There’s no glitter & no obvious shimmer, but instead the blush works in the same way as the ambient powders – adds a glow. The formula is soft like NARS, but the glow it adds is a really nice addition. The packaging is the same as the ambient lighting powders, just golden and smaller. A baby.

They aren’t anything groundbreaking, & none of the colours are unique by any means. You don’t need them, but you want them. £28 from Space NK – it says pre-order, but they shipped mine early, so worth a go.