A Drugstore primer duo (and dupes!)

Following on from yesterday’s base-centric post, I have another one dedicated to one of my favourite things – primers! More specifically, two awesome drugstore primers. Two awesome drugstore primers that rival 2 high end ones… 
I always tend to use 2 primers – one to illuminate and hydrate, and one to mattify and prolong makeup on my oiler bits. A bit excessive, but I am all about perfecting the base and primers are da best.
My favourite combination for a long time was the Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal combined with the Smashbox photo finish light. The Becca is amazing and really adds a gorgeous glow to my cheeks, while the smashbox smoothes everything out without feeling too greasy.
Dupe #1 – The seventeen skin wow 3 way highlighter. Both products are designed to be versatile in the sense that you can use them as a primer, a highlight on top of makeup, to sheer out foundations… It’s pinker than the Becca, but still adds a nice pearly finish. It isn’t quite as moisturising, and I do prefer the Becca, but the Seventeen offering is an awesome cheaper alternative. 
Dupe #2 – The Rimmel stay matte primer. Neither one feels greasy or overly silicone-y… like the Benefit porefessional which makes my skin feel a bit gross. Both primers have an almost identical texture – they feel almost creamy and are quite thick and white in texture. Mm, sounds lovely. They both really smooth everything over, and I really can’t see a difference between the two. Except the price. Oh yes.
What are your favourite primers? Have you tried any of these? 🙂
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