A tale of two foundations

Bases are one of my favourite bits about makeup, because they literally set the foundation (ha) for all of your makeup. Discovering new bases I love, and experimenting with current ones (see this post) is one of the best bits on the quest for nice-looking skin, and I have a tale of 2 new(er) ones.
The first one… Giorgio Armani luminous silk (in shade 3)… I have had this for a while, but have only just worked out a way for it to look nice on my skin. Before, it clung to dry patches really easily, and made my skin look a bit dehydrated and rubbish. I didn’t give up though, and finally found a way to make it work – mixing in some of the NARS illuminator in 413 BLKR. A champagne liquid highlighter, this managed to sheer it out and make skin look a lot nicer and fresher. 
The second one… the new YSL fusion foundation in BD20. I got a sample of this from Boots, after being matched. I applied it at home, and immediately hated it. The colour was a bit off, but the finish was so sheer and liquid-y I felt it weird to apply and it clung to any of my dry patches. Ugh, I immediately took it off and started again with something nicer. Dry skins – beware. 
What’s your favourite foundation? At the moment I am tempted by the Charlotte Tilbury one! 🙂