MATTE versus SHEER and glossy

I will gladly hold my hands up and proclaim my love for matte lipsticks. They are just so easy, so bright and my favourite to wear. I am aware that lots of people fear the power of a matte pout, which led me to think about the opposite of matte… which is glossy. Like photo paper, as I explained to my Dad. The lipsticks shown are Ruby woo (matte!) and Lady Bug (sheer!)
Pros of Matte
  • Bold, saturated colour
  • Long-lasting – depending on the lipstick in question, we’re talking surviving through meals
  • Decreased fear of the dreaded lipstick on teeth syndrome
  • Quick and easy – can make you look ‘done’ in 2 seconds with minimal other makeup

Pros of Sheer
  • Very easy to slick on, maybe even sans mirror depending on the lipsticks
  • Comfortable to wear/non-drying
  • Harder to look overdone, and goes with a lot of looks
  • Less obvious when it fades
I’d love to know – which do you prefer? 🙂