The Dior products that are worth the money.

I’m not loyal to any brands.
Following on from my post on the Tom Ford products that are worth the money, I thought I would share my pick of Dior products as well. Another outrageously expensive brand, and one equally as beautiful. I may not be loyal, but I have good taste. If you’re new to Dior, I got you. 
The Dior star foundation is possible one of the smoothest foundations I’ve ever tried. It just glides over your skin and manages to straddle the line between glow-enhancing and skin-like. I would recommend this to pretty much anyone. I did a full post on this bad boy right here, and since then it’s become one of my go-to options for quick skin. While I’m talking about base, the Dior glow maximiser primer is incredible and I need to repurchase it – I talked about it here
Dior does lip products pretty well, I must say. There’s the balmy and sheeny Dior addict lipstick in Smile that’s great for everyday, the Dior lip glow which yes, is a lipbalm but is amazing (full post here) and the Dior lip maximiser gloss, which is the only gloss I like. 
The cheeks products. Oh, the cheek products. I absolutely love the formula of both of these. There’s the gimmicky pink one – the rosy glow –  that adapts to the pH of the skin, allegedly… it gives a candy pink pretty pop of colour that would suit anyone. The tie dye one that was limited edition I think, so I won’t linger. 
I haven’t tried too many eye products from Dior, but the liquid eyeshadow in Aurora is a bit of a beaut. If you want something glossy on the lids and something that adds a lot of light quickly then this is amazing. 
Have you tried anything from Dior?