Tidying my dressing table.

Sorting is good for the soul right?
I find it so incredibly therapeutic anyway. Maybe not sorting out laundry, because why is that still a thing, but definitely with the makeup. I love taking thirty minutes to spend tidying up and organising my dressing table. Over the course of the week it can get a little… messy, as I dash out of the door each morning, so making everything neat is a weekend task. Luckily for me, and my bedroom, I had time to tidy up the flat on Friday. 
So, the dressing table. I love to be a cliche, so it’s the hemnes from Ikea, which is perfect because you can cram a million products into it so it looks neat, and it also has a glass finish which makes it so easy to wipe clean – pesky foundation finger masks, be gone! 
On the right hand little drawer, I keep my face brushes on top and my everyday makeup inside. Stuff I reach for every morning, like my primers of the moment and eyebrow stuff. Spot any favourites? Then on the left hand drawer, I have about 50000 lipsticks… 
Opening up the main drawer underneath, and everything is crammed in, in what I would call a semi-organised state. I mean, I know where everything is and I suppose that’s all that matters. Case in point, a little divider crammed full of liquid lipsticks. Oops.