Five Tools You Need For Blogging

Blogging is hard work – it’s not just about taking a picture of lipstick and playing with makeup (although yeah, that does take up a lot of my time too… no complaints here). In a world of bloggers who are trying to level up their content and hit the next level, there are a myriad of tools at your disposal. Here are my top five…
Buffer – this is what I use to schedule my tweets. 100% recommended. It’s so user-friendly and makes repeating tweets so easy. I have the app so I can do it on my phone on the go. 
Rebrandly – what I use to get little custom links on twitter. Not a necessity, though, but I think it looks good! Again, I have the app so I often end up doing this on the go. 
Picmonkey – my photo editor of choice! I pay for the royal which is £4 a month I believe, but this is what I use to edit all my photos. So easy to use, and you can play around with settings and even save the filters you like to make images consistent. Canva is also good for creating imagery.
Afterlight – the little app I use for instagram photos – I tend to make them square (can’t be dealing with rectangles on the gram!) and play with the brightness and saturation. Also good for consistent filters for the ever-elusive theme. 
Google analytics. Sign up, if you haven’t already! Use the app (what can I say, I’m always on the go) and make note of your most popular posts to give the people what they want… 
Do you have any blogging tool recommendations?