The Best Nourishing Lip Balms

Nourishing lip balms

The secret to any good lipstick definitely lies in the prep, which ties in nicely to my addiction to lip balms! I’m never without at least two in my bag at any given time – dry lips are just the worst, and I’m a balm addict. I have tried so many from budget wonders to lubriciously prices luxuries, so the three below are really some of the best around.

The balms

Starting off with something cheap and cheerful, Carmex is a bit of a classic and it’s been around for years (since 1937!). It’s definitely not one of the more glamorous options, but I find that it does the job so well and really leaves lips feeling prepped for lipstick so I can forgive it. The little pots come in cute packaging a lot of the time, but I favour the tube packaging because it’s far easier to apply throughout the day. The formula has camphor and menthol which give it the distinctive ~medical~ scent (which I enjoy) and it also has cocoa butter to nourish the lips. I like applying this one in the morning about ten minutes prior to applying lipstick as it acts as a great primer to ensure colour goes on smoothly.

For something a little more luxurious, I adore the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment which just smells delicious. It’s made from basically just lanolin (it mimics skin’s natural hydration) and it’s a real treat for when lips are in desperate need of some serious moisture. This balm falls under the category of gloss almost, because it’s definitely sheeny on the lips but the finish it gives is pretty perfect for a low-maintenance makeup day. Finishing off with my favourite, the Glossier balm dotcom. This brand is so hyped (surely a slight case of the grass being greener because we can’t easily get our hands on it!) but so very lovely to use. I’m in love with the supremely nourishing formula, and this balm has been upgraded to a permanent residence about my person because I can’t be without it.


What’s your absolute favourite lip balm?