Blemish-Busting Skincare with T-Zone

*Sponsored post in collaboration with T-Zone

My skincare routine has changed dramatically from when I was a teenager – no more cream cleansers with cotton wool or astringent toners but one thing has stayed the same… my love for nose pore strips! I’ve been testing out some Charcoal & Bamboo skincare from T-Zone (available via Superdrug), and as luck would have it my skin decided to have a complete hormonal breakout at the same time so I was really able to put the range through its paces.

Treat yo skin

I would count a good skincare pamper as on of the best things to do with your time – it’s the perfect time to relax and have some time for yourself. In the T-Zone range, there are three different treats for the skin and I’ve been testing them all out. The Black Peel Off Mask is perhaps the most satisfying of them all – it’s the skincare equivalent of peeling PVC glue off your hands. Not just me, right? The mask takes twenty minutes to dry down and then it peels off the skin – perfect for when you want to leave the complexion clarified. The Self-Heating Mask is one of my favourite skincare finds and the one to use if you love a pamper but you’re short on time! It’s a paste that heats up gently on the skin – it reminds me of the feeling of a hot stone massage on the skin, which is all kinds of lush. I’d recommend this one for dry skins as it leaves everything so smooth and soft. Lastly, my long-standing skincare love – the Nose Pore Strips. These are pretty self-explanatory, and do an amazing job at helping to get rid of blackheads.

The extras

The Black Cleansing Wipes are not one for daily use, as nothing substitutes a good cleanse (in my opinion). For on the go, or after a big night out these are a good one to have on standby. They’ve been stolen by Chris as they leave skin feeling clean after a long day. The No-Shine papers have gone straight into my handbag – I’m a huge fan of blotting papers for touching up on the go because an oily nose is not my aesthetic.

Scrub a dub dub

I moved the Deep Cleansing Face Scrub and the Ultra Purifying Face Wash straight into my shower, as they’re the perfect picks to use after a long day in the city. The face wash looks satisfyingly charcoal-esque with its formula, but it washes the skin nicely and doesn’t leave anything stripped or tight. It doesn’t remove makeup particularly well, so it’s firmly in the second cleanse category for me. The face scrub is such a good one to have for when you are having a breakout – it’s scrubby enough to clean away skin so breakouts will be banished faster. I find my skin can look quite red after using any sort of face scrub (given that the blood has rushed to the skin!), but this one is gentle enough not to irritate the skin and no micro-beads.


Have you tried anything from T-Zone?