Five Things I Do For My Blog Everyday

Five Things I Do For My Blog Everyday

There’s essentially never enough time to get all of the blogging things done, and juggling a full-time job with daily posting means I have prioritise my time… As well as posting content, there are five things I do everyday for the blog – five little tips to maximise your blog on a daily basis.

Promote posts

I schedule tweets via Buffer for the day ahead (I use the app on my phone), and have a look at which post has done the best in terms of clicks/interactions so I can focus on that one some more. I do promote a lot on Instagram, but I try and share Instagram specific posts on there too! Also I share on Facebook if I remember, and make sure to pin it on Pinterest. Sometimes I remember to make pins specifically for pinterest, but this is rare… It’s good to look at analytics and see where your traffic comes from – a lot of mine comes via Twitter, so I focus on there the most!

Respond to emails

Responding to emails definitely gets pushed down the list in terms of priorities… I get a lot of emails but unfortunately a lot of them are also wastes of time, so I make sure to scan through my inbox and delete/respond as appropriate. I also can’t stand having unread emails for too long, so I read emails and then categorise them – I have tabs for events, promotional bits, pending reviews so it’s all organised chaos.

Comment on other blogs

Yup, reading blogs is basically my favourite thing! There’s so much amazing content out there everyday, so I always make time to catch up my with favourite creators and read their new posts. I try and leave comments because receiving comments is always the best! Leaving a quick, thoughtful comment is the best way to show the blogger that you care about what they’re sharing.

Work on my content

Most days, I end up writing – working on drafts or finishing posts is basically my life. The finished post you’re reading was an idea about a month ago, and written, re-written and scheduled… So there’s always time to work on some content. It could be jotting down a few post ideas, snapping a few photos or even doing some content research.

Do some behind the scenes work

This is something I definitely need to do more of! I need to go through old posts and update them to make them more SEO friendly or with updated photos. If there’s a post that does especially well in google searches, make sure it looks as good as possible. Sorting out broken links is another thing that fills me with horror but needs to be done! There’s also replying to comments on the blog and on social… it’s never-ending!


Do you have any tips on managing your time as a blogger?