Glazed & Glossy

As much as I love a matte lip (and trust me, I do), there is always a time and a place for something glossy and something glazed. Just in the same way that I want my highlighter to make me look like a freshly glazed doughnut, sometimes I want the same for my lips! Not all glosses are made equal though, and these four are the best of the best for a glazed & glossy lip.

Velvet Lips

The Nars velvet lip glides are what I would consider a soft liquid lipstick. It’s not your traditional gloss so it’s not heavy or sticky but it has have a modern fluid texture. Easy to wear, it’s a great option for everyday as it has colour but the sheeny texture leaves it balmy. This is the perfect pick for those who don’t love the idea of something overtly glossy but still want some of the shine.

Hello, Sailor!

I’ve spoken about how much I love the gimmicks of the lipstick queen lipsticks, so I have a softness for this blue gloss as well! This one looks like so much fun in the tube, but it actually applies like a berry gloss with some slight shimmer. The gloss can be used alone for a flush of colour or as a lipstick topper. A bonus is that the blue makes teeth look whiter. I find the formula on this to be satisfyingly non-sticky, and it does leave lips feeling very soft.

A Glossy Gloss

If you’re looking for a glossy gloss, then the Zelens lip glazes are the best I’ve tried – it’s everything you remember about your traditional glosses with the added bonus of having some active ingredients in there to ensure lips are plumped and looked after. I’m definitely a bit of a Zelens fan girl, but these are so so lovely to wear – they make the lips look fuller and shiner and that’s all I want from a gloss.

Instant perfection

Finally, one of my all-time favourites. The Clarins instant light lip perfectors are pretty delicious. They leave lips with an off-duty finish that manages to perfectly complement any makeup look. They’re great for low-key weekend makeup, the office and for chucking in your bag for any sort of lipgloss emergency. The colours aren’t especially pigmented but the finish is natural and the formula leaves behind a balmy finish.


Do you have any gloss favourites?





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