The Bloggers Guide To Photography

A guide to blog photography

The best thing I ever did for my blog was develop my blog photography – I get asked a lot (a lot) of questions on a daily basis about what camera I use, what lighting I use and how I take my photos… I put it upon myself to pour all my secrets, my tips and everything I’ve ever learnt about photography into one guide. It covers everything from understanding the differences between a DSLR and an iPhone to mastering the perfect flatlay and everything in between. It’s a straight-forward guide broken down into ten chapters that cover all bases. It’s The Bloggers Guide To Photography and it’s my baby.

I’m so excited to share all my tips with you – they’re all easy to understand but make the world of difference to your photography and really help take everything to the next level. As my photos in the book show, my personal photography style has come a long way and so the only thing stopping anyone from taking truly breath-taking photos is a few tips and lots of practice. Click the link below to discover The Bloggers Guide To Photography.


You can see it here!