Hand Cream Heroes You Need To Try


A hardworking hand cream is one of those essential beauty staples –  definitely something you use multiple times a day, but probably don’t give too much thought to. As someone with dry skin (and an addiction to antibacterial hand gels… what can I say, the tube is filthy) I find hand creams to be a permanent feature in my handbag (as mentioned in my post here). I also find myself reapplying multiple times a day because soft hands are the dream. There are some absolute gems here that deserve more love…

The best hand cream for hydrating hands

The hand cream that gives back

My first hand cream hero would be the divinely-scented Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely cream – it smells happy, and like oranges and sunshine. It has the perfect amount of orange in it to make the scent cheerfully uplifting (good for dreary mornings) and then the honey adds some sweetness. It’s mouthwateringly good! To make things even better, the brand supports the bees (donating £9000 last year to new hives in Ghana, with a goal of £15000 this year) so you can reapply with relish. The cream itself is one of my very favourite formulas as it’s very softening. It takes about ten minutes to soak in completely before it leaves silky soft mitts.

The hand cream that dries quickly

If you’re a fan of fruitier scents, then the Clarins Hand & Nail trio will be right up your street. Thanks to a summery makeover, the hand creams come in three juicy scents – mandarin leaf, lime leaf and grapefruit along with their matching packaging. They’re very cute and are miniature which makes them perfect for chucking in your bag. My favourite is lime leaf, but they’re all fresh and smell refreshing without being overpowering. The formula is rich in shea butter but absolutely not greasy at all. You can be typing or using your phone again almost immediately… The formula is perfect for those who can’t stand sticky creams.

The hand cream that’s an intensive treatment

Lastly, the Lano lanolin hand creams are on the heavier end of the spectrum! They’re perfect for those in serious need of a hydration hit. The formula is based all around lanolin – meant to naturally mimic skin’s texture. So, it’s a breeze when it comes to replenishing lost moisture. It also leaves a slight coating behind afterwards – I would stress that this is going to work best for someone with truly dry hands. I’m prone to an eczema flare-up on my hands, so something like this is a blessing when my skin is feeling particularly sore. It comes in a rose & a lemon scent which both smell sweet and delicious. It works best when warmed up in the palms before massaging in – a bit of a treat!


Do you have any hand cream heroes?

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