Lipsticks That Make Me Feel Confident

Sometimes I can feel not as fantastic as I would like… Luckily for me, makeup exists and I can turn to some of my favourite lipstick picks for when I want to feel as confident as possible. Makeup, for me, is all about being fun and enhancing what’s already there, so lipsticks seems like the best way to quickly change your makeup and your mood.

Pretty in Pink

All praise the power of pink! Whenever you feel a bit tired, drab or blah a pretty pink lipstick is the way to go. I have loads of pink lipsticks I love, but the transformative qualities of Dream Huge from Smashbox. It’s a mauve pink that never fails to make everything look more pulled together. The matte formula is an absolutely dream and not drying in the slightest – perfect for any events because you know it’s not going anywhere.

Nicely Nude

For when I go out out, I tend to go for a smokey eye and a really nude lipstick – I don’t like anything too beige so Nars Racquel is the perfect hue for me. It has quite a lot of peachy warmth in it and it’s really pigmented so it completely covers lips. I find paler shades can sometimes fade off in the middle of the lips and give an unintentional ombre effect, but not this one. This one makes me feel quite chic when I wear it, and the 60s vibes definitely help.

Friend or Faux

Mac Faux always makes me feel so happy because this is what I wore on my wedding day! I hope they never discontinue it… It’s the perfect nude shade for me, and always has that magical effect of making lips look a bit bigger and better. It’s the perfect blend of pink, beige and nude that enhances the complexion rather than wash it out. It’s a satin finish, so it doesn’t sit too dry/sheeny on the lips. I know that for me, this has nice memories associated with it so it’s one I go to whenever I want a little pick-me-up in a morning when I’m not feeling it.


Do you have any lipsticks you always turn to when you want a boost?