Rediscovering Old Beauty Favourites

rediscovering old beauty favourites

As much as I love finding new beauty products (the perks of being an avid shopper and a blogger), I do enjoy rediscovering old beauty favourites as well. There are definitely some beautiful picks in my stash, and I’m trying to switch them back into my everyday makeup routine at the moment – it’s a mix of shopping my stash and enjoying some makeup nostalgia.

Benefit Coralista

Going back to University, this is definitely the blush I remember! I used to pile it on and walk around with flushed coral cheeks all the time and it was perfect. This is the same one, and there’s hardly any left – I need to throw it away really, because it’s so old and battered… I will have to repurchase because it’s really one of the prettiest coral blushes around. It’s silky soft and gives skin a healthy flush without looking too rouged.

Mac Soft & Gentle

This was definitely one of earlier true makeup loves. I diligently applied it every day (far too much of it) until I finished one up. And then, another one. My highlighter addiction has been going strong for a while now, but this was my first. I don’t use it nearly as much now, but when I do I fall back in love with how frosty it makes the skin look and it makes me feel nostalgic. On the skin, it looks like a soft champagne and it manages to add so much light to the face as well as giving plenty of glow. I can also testament to how lovely it looks in photos as I used to wear it on every Uni night out and I wore a light dusting of it on my wedding day.

Mac lipstick in Please Me

Mac lipsticks definitely used to be my obsession and I would eagerly await each new collection. Nowadays I still love them, but they don’t occupy my every waking thought like they used to. I could have chosen a lot of shades for this lipstick but Please Me is one I’m loving right now! It’s pink and perfect for everyday.

YSL Cinema

This was the first perfume that I considered one of my ~signature~ scents, and I went through quite a few bottles. I obviously had sophisticated taste for a 16 year old! Perfume is definitely one of the most nostalgic beauty products, because it instantly evokes memories. This one makes me happy whenever I smell it, and that’s pretty much all you can ask for from a perfume. It smells slightly spicy and it’s definitely quite heavy but Yves Saint Laurent perfumes are well worth checking out – this one is perfect for nighttime.