Three Dreamy High End Lipsticks

I have a particular penchant for really fancy lipsticks – the ones with swoon-worthy packaging, the ones that make a click when you close the lid and the ones that are a treat to reapply on-the-go. Of course I appreciate all lipsticks, but I do have a soft spot for the really high end ones – definitely chasing a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, but I will always go back to the dreamy high end formulas, of which I have three favourites…

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick

The pricey

Starting off with an absolute favourite of mine, the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I like both the regular and the matte formula and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I have a special drawer dedicated just to these. I mean, the packaging kills me! The shades are all incredibly flattering (Charlotte knows what she’s doing), and there’s an option for pretty much any occasion. This one is The Queen, which I am especially fond of (although Pillow Talk and Liv It Up are equally delicious!). I think the price point is pretty spot on for these – it’s a definite treat but it’s not extortionate and you’re really buying into the whole boudoir-glamour element. Bonus props to these for always looking good in the background of any blog photos…

Tom Ford Lipstick

The pricier

Oh, Tom Ford. The makeup just sets any makeup lover’s pulse racing, and rightly so because just look at it. The embossing, the chic black and gold packaging… it’s all too good. It comes at quite a hefty price unfortunately, so I definitely don’t indulge too often! Their lipsticks however are a particular weakness of mine; especially the matte formula. There are so many gorgeous shades that I end up swatching every time I walk past a counter. The formula on the matte lipsticks is very soft and modern in its pigment, and leaves lips looking unapologetically groomed. Tom Ford is such a high end brand, that I imagine the lipsticks are as close as I’ll ever get to that level of park avenue princess preened. Pussycat, in particular, is a gorgeous shade and one I can see suiting a lot of complexions as a great dusky pink for everyday. I would suggest exploring Tom Ford lipsticks when you want to upgrade from Mac and fancy a splurge.

Christian louboutin lipstick

The priciest

Ok, so I know that this lipstick is disgustingly expensive but at least it can in theory double up as a weapon… I’m talking about the Christian louboutin lipsticks, of course. I’ve mentioned how I can pretty much justify anything to myself at this point, so this shade was to test out the line. Surely a lipstick couldn’t be that superior for the price?! I had to deliberate for a long time on which shade (this one is Survivita) I wanted from this lineup, as there are so many lovely ones. The packaging is incredible (and reminds me of Death Becomes Her) and it’s satisfyingly weighty. The formula itself though… I hate to say it, but it’s really nice. Definitely still massively overpriced, but for the matte lipstick obsessed amongst us, it’s well worth investigating. Being the vain thing I am, it’s always good reapplying this too.


Do you have any favourite high end lipsticks?





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