Beautifully Blurred

the best blurring primers

If I had to pick a favourite makeup item… primers would be up there. From glow-givers to the best blurring primers, there’s a formula for absolutely every single skin concern or condition! So much so that I find myself using at least two on a daily basis. High maintenance, yes, but primers offer the most dramatic, and immediate, complexion transformation which leads me to constantly seeking out new ones. My favourite sub-category for primers would be one that make my skin look illuminated, but I also have a penchant for primers that blur out the skin. The ones that smooth over pores, diffuse imperfections and leave skin silky smooth. I am not a huge fan of the feeling of some of the more silicone heavy primers, so rest assured that my top picks are suitably sophisticated on your skin.

One that diffuses light

I think the first blurring primer that I really got on board with is the Hylamide HA Blur – the bottle shown is actually empty! It was was one of my first forays into the world of Deciem, and I haven’t really looked back. This primer though does something magic for the skin and manages to blur and hydrate at the same time – it uses hyaluronic acid powder to reflect light of the skin, which blurs any imperfections and pores. It leaves skin smooth and soft (but not greasy) and sits beautifully under a whole host of bases. Did I mention it smells like apples? Even better.

One that adds some skincare benefits

I’ve spoken about how much I love Pixi before, because their products are some of the best around. The glow tonic? Fab. The mud cleanser? Amazing. The highlighters? Dreamy. So I had high hopes for this Flawless and Poreless primer, and it hasn’t disappointed me.  It’s a good mix of makeup and skincare because it firstly blurs the complexion as well as mattifying but it also contains ingredients like willow bark to absorb excess oil and salicylic acid to treat blemishes from within the pores. It’s so fantastic when used on  oily areas as the finish left behind is mattified, but not chalky or flat.

One that creates a smooth canvas

Although this one doesn’t claim to blur pores specifically, The Ordinary High-Spreadability fluid primer does an excellent job at leaving the skin shine-free and looking significantly smoother. I will say that this pick contains a lot of silicones and has that traditional slippery feel which took a little getting used to but having worked my way through a bottle, I am addicted to how even it leaves my skin looking prior to foundation. Having used this for so long, I notice a difference when I don’t! It manages to keep makeup hanging around for an age and the finish is pretty addictive.


What’s your favourite sort of primer?