Trying Bleach London Beauty

Bleach London Beauty

As a beauty blogger, I think I might just know a little bit about beauty – I like to recommend products to my friends, so imagine my delight when one of my friends introduced me to something new! I’m talking about Bleach London beauty, who have recently stepped away from just hair dyes and introduced some makeup pieces. I picked up two shadows and possibly the best fan brush ever!

What is Bleach London?

Bleach London is one of those really cool brands – it was founded as a salon focussing on colouring hair rather than cutting with their dyes gaining cult status pretty quickly. This year they relaunched their hair range and also expanded out into Bleach London beauty led by MUA Lou Teasdale. One of their salons is really near my office, so it’s too easy to pop in and see what’s new.

I picked up two Louder Powder eyeshadows in store – they sadly don’t seem to have names (Bleach, let me know if you want me to do that for you, that’s my dream job) but I grabbed 1SR and B. B is a peachy champagne highlight shade and 1SR is a matte burnt red. I will start by saying that these shadows are only £3 each! So incredible for the price, and so pigmented. They come just in their pans, and they luckily managed to slot in perfectly to my makeup geek shadow palette.

The fan brush was definitely not an essential because I’m not short on makeup brushes… It just looked too good though. This brush is my new best friend when it comes to highlighter because it picks up so much product but also manages to diffuse it nicely on the skin. I spoke about rediscovering soft & gentle here last week, and it’s really a match made in heaven. To make things even better, the brush is only £6!

Bleach London Beauty