A Haircare Switchup

Haircare is one of those categories where I know I need to pay more attention but it just requires too much effort… My hair is thick and unruly so managing it seems like a full time job sometimes! I’m also lazy at styling it, so anything that works to make my hair a bit sleeker is good in my books! In the morning I tend to spritz this spray through the ends and hope for the best so it really all comes down to the products I use when washing my hair…

New shampoo, boo

I was sent these to try from Pureology; I wouldn’t normally try shampoo/conditioner for coloured hair but it has been a revelation! My hair has bleached ends and just generally dry and frizzy hair but this Hydrate duo has been working beautifully on making my hair a lot smoother. The shampoo is really hydrating but doesn’t leave hair feeling heavy or coated like a lot of those sort of shampoos can – it leaves plenty of volume and bounce in the hair. It lathers nicely and rinses out well, so anything that makes my hair feel healthier is always good for me.

The conditioner is delicious, it smells minty and leaves my ends feeling a lot healthier. It’s really creamy and rich, so not one for hair that gets weighed down easily – my hair needs all the hydration it can get really! Pureology as brand seems really nice and has the luxurious/professional element mastered without being too expensive, and they have a range for pretty much every hair type.

A clarifying pre-shampoo treatment

Once a week, I’ve been adding the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox into the mix – it’s an ultra-clarifying pre-wash treatment that leaves hair feeling squeaky clean and super light. Sometimes my scalp can feel sore (a combination of dry skin and too much dry shampoo, oops) so this is an absolute treat as it really soothes the scalp. It’s a thick paste that you massage into the scalp and then rinse out using shampoo – it hardly takes any extra time but the difference is really noticeable in how happy hair feels afterwards.

What are you using hair wise at the moment? Let me know of any recommendations!