Five Things To Include in a Blog Post

Five Things To Include in a Post

Running a blog is hard work, from the content creation to the scheduling tweets and then everything else that comes with it… there’s a million things to do, but making sure your blog posts are packed full of content that draws people in and makes them want to stay is key. I’m taking it back to blogging basics and sharing five things I try and include in every post to maximise their potential…

Eye-catching photography

Being realistic, photography is what hooks me into a blog post every time – the blogging world is full of talented creators so spending an extra bit of effort on creating eye-catching photography is worth doing it. Cheeky plug for my e-book here (the bloggers guide to photography) but I would also recommend working on lighting, composition and exposure in terms of camera settings.

Good writing

I equally love writing and photography when it comes to blogging and I think it’s something that deserves equal attention. I’m not a fan of opening posts and seeing 100 photos and one line of text because I want to read all of your words! I think the minimum amount for a good post is around 300 words, but more is always good, too. I would recommend keeping an eye on your grammar, punctuation and creating a consistent tone of voice in your posts.

SEO snippets

I’m no SEO expert, but quite a lot of my traffic does come through google searches so I keep an eye on it! Since the move to WP I’ve been using Yoast (which is amazing), but main things I would concentrate on are including alt descriptions (what google uses to read the picture), in-bound linking if you can fit it in and a good catchy title. SEO is definitely not the most exciting thing to do but it makes such an impact on things like google ranking and traffic.

Links, links, links

Make sure to include all of the links – have all of your social media channels easily linked on the profiles. It’s also good having your post easily shareable so that your amazing content can go across every channel. Speaking of sharing, having platform-specific content to be shared is always good (and too organised for me!).

A call to action

Finishing off the post with a strong conclusion and then engaging with anyone reading is key for ensuring people return to your blog – is there a question you want to ask or some pointers you want to inspire people? Something like… want more blog tips? Sign up my newsletter right here!