The Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Lipstick

Charlotte tilbury liquid lipstick

Charlotte tilbury liquid lipstick

I love lipstick and I love Charlotte Tilbury (Charlotte Tilbury liquid lipstick is the dream!) so this new edition of the Hollywood Lips took me about five seconds to order them. Tilbs knows how to make good makeup, and my love for liquid lipstick shows no signs of slowing down! I had to order three to check the formula out, and I managed to go for three nude shades because I needed them all…

What are the new Hollywood Lips?

Described as the perfect liquid matte lipstick, the formula promises to deliver a full-lipped filtered filtered effect to the lips. It’s a long-lasting liquid matte lipstick in a moisturising formula and it contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate. Other noteworthy ingredients are beeswax to prevent moisture loss and sea lavender for an anti-ageing result. I think Tilbs is a bit of a marketing genius, because her products do always sound sensational and almost as though they’re filling a spot in your makeup bag that you didn’t even know you needed! All marketing aside, they’re advertised as a cream soft-matte lipstick that should last well on the lips.

What’s the formula actually like?

This is definitely not what I could consider your typical liquid lipstick – it’s much softer. Something like the Stila ones (more on those here) dry down a lot more and feel definitely matte, for reference. This is more of a lip cream – I would say it’s somewhat similar to the Nyx ones, but the formula on this is a lot more comfortable. It’s definitely got better staying power than a traditional lipstick, and I do find the formula long-wearing but it’s not kiss/drink/food proof. I applied Charlotte Darling in the morning before work and it definitely needed to be reapplied by lunchtime. The applicator is really good for this, too – it works well with the formula and lets you apply the product neatly to the lips.

What are the shades like?

The shades are pretty comprehensive and cover the majority of makeup looks; there are nudes and brighter shades, all in flattering hues. I picked up Charlotte Darling, which is a light brown/beige nude (note, not the nude pink advertised on the site!) and supposedly Charlotte’s signature shade. Rising Star is a warm nudey pink and my favourite. Too Bad I’m Bad is a medium rose shade, nice and perky. I’m eyeing up Dangerous Liaison for Autumn… I can imagine these being very popular, just like the rest of her line!

So, the new Hollywood Lips are a soft matte cream that stay comfortable on the lips (without being exceptionally long-wearing), coming in ten very wearable shades for everyday. What do you think?

Charlotte tilbury liquid lipstick

Charlotte tilbury liquid lipstick swatches