My Current Cleanser Duo

A good cleanser is definitely the cornerstone of any skincare regime; at the moment I’m really enjoying two new additions that are leaving my skin clean, soft and nourished. I’m a big believer in the power of the double cleanse, so I’ve been using these two new additions to make sure I’m properly looking after my skin.

The first cleanse – Super Facialist

Nothing cuts through makeup and grime quite like a cleansing oil – they’re so easy to use, and speedy for lazy evenings. This Vitamin C one from Super Facialist is especially lovely to use, including the divine citrus scent. It’s easily poured into the hands and when massaged into a dry face quickly melts away makeup. Used on the eyes, it does leave a slight film so I’m trying to avoid doing that! Sometimes I’m lazy though… I usually spend about two minutes massaging this all over the face and making sure it’s properly worked into the skin. To rinse it off, I just use a warm flannel – oily skin tones shouldn’t be put off by an oil cleanser because it doesn’t tend to leave any residue.

The second cleanse – Pai

After that, I use the Pai Gentle Hydrating Cleanser which is just delicious on the skin. I know that it’s a bit of a cult classic and now I can see why. It’s super super gentle (the entire line is based on the approach of being gentle to the skin) and it’s such a nice cream cleanser. Texture wise, it’s very fluid and light; it reminds me of the Caroline Hirons x Pixi but this one smells delicious, too. It’s light and milky and takes a few seconds to massage it into the face – again, I rinse off with a warm flannel. Lovely stuff, and I use it in the morning as well as my only cleanse.


What cleanser are you loving at the moment?