Dior Forever Foundation

Dior Forever Foundation review

Consider me one step closer in my quest for perfect skin – I’m all about faking it until you makeup it with cosmetics. Enter the Dior Forever Foundation, which essentially promises to do everything I look for in a foundation.

What’s the formula like?

The Dior Forever fluid foundation is described as having a luminous matte finish – I would disagree in it being matte as I think it’s more satin in its results on the skin. It’s by no means a dewy foundation but I think calling something matte brings to mind chalky and flat textures which this is definitely not. I’ve tried foundations like luminous silk (which clung to every dry patch on my skin and made me look 10 years older) and this one glides over the skin and maintains the finish without ever looking dry. I also don’t need to powder it to set.

I apply it with a damp beauty blender, which is how I apply every base! It needs to be blended in relatively quickly as it does set on the skin so I am doing one half of the face at a time situation. It’s not particularly fluid in texture, and leans more towards something firmer – think a cross between mac pro longwear and estee lauder double wear and that’s about it.

What’s the finish like?

The coverage is full and unashamedly makeup-like. I do like my base to look as though it’s been done properly most of the time, so a full coverage foundation is my favourite. It’s definitely not a base if you’re after something light and undetectable on the skin… If you are looking for something blurring and perfecting, this is definitely one of the best I’ve tried. It’s more of the Instagram makeup in terms of looking flawless.

I think I’m good at testing foundations in terms of longevity because I put my face through a lot… I typically wear makeup for around 13 hours and travel about Central on the sweaty tube so if a base can survive all that, it’s going to be made of sturdy stuff. Happy to report that the Dior Forever foundation does stick around throughout my working day.

Dior Forever Foundation review

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