How To Make Your Base Last All Day

How To Make Your Base Last All Day

The makeup struggle is real… keeping an All-Day base is no mean feat. I’m out of the house for at least 11 hours a day everyday, so trying to keep my base locked in is a must. I also can rarely be bothered to touch up my makeup midway through the day, so I stick to these four steps for making sure my base stays in place all day.

Go in with light layers

The key to a long-lasting base is definitely going in with a few light layers – one thick coat of makeup just sits on top of the skin and doesn’t stay there. Going in with several light layers of hydrating skincare means that the base is all prepped for makeup. I like to go in with less foundation before building it up to ensure coverage is where needed. I also like layering a powder product over a cream to make sure everything is locked into place.

Look for long-wearing

Ok, so this sound sort of basic but look for the products that claim to be long-wearing! Something like the Dior forever or the Mac pro longwear foundation will stick around on the skin. If makeup longevity is an issue, then pick long-wearing over things that claim to be dewy and illuminating. The best long-wearing formulas also mean they won’t look too heavy on the skin

Prime to perfection

I like to use a primer (or two) because it makes such a difference! There’s a primer for essentially every skin concern you could have. Whether you want to ensure foundation doesn’t cling to dry patches, banish an oily t-zone or colour correct… there’s a primer that will fix it. For making sure makeup sticks around all day, I tend to look for something smoothing and hydrating (like this!) as it creates a blank canvas for foundation.

Set it up

Once the base is perfected (it’s definitely an art-form), I always set makeup. Always. Whether that’s with a powder or setting spray… Setting the makeup ensures that all of your hard work is left looking the way it should. I’m pretty extra and tend to apply loose powder with a damp beauty blender and then use a setting spray as the final step.