The Makeup I Took on Holiday

what I packed for holiday makeup

Packaging for a holiday always involves painstakingly planning out my holiday makeup bag and then haphazardly chucking clothes into a suitcase and hoping for the best. This trip wasn’t any different…

Base wise I managed to take quite a few new bits for my holiday makeup to test out, including the Makeup Forever primer (I put my thoughts here) which is a bit of a dream for parched complexions. It also handily comes in a smaller size, so it didn’t take up too much room. Also new in for me was the Dior Forever foundation – I will have a post on this later on in the week, but it’s pretty fabulous so far and it lasts on the skin beautifully.

I picked up the Rimmel Insta contour stick whilst on holiday (too many chats about wtf contouring is with my family), which seems pretty decent so far. Very easy to use, although the highlighter is not metallic enough for my tastes. Also worth mentioning is the It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer which managed to handily hide any dark circles from late nights involving too much wine…

Some older favourites were the Stila magnificent metals shadow (shown here in Kitten Karma) because glitter is an everyday essential as far as I’m concerned. I absolutely love wearing all of the shades, and it also makes it look as though you’ve put in far more effort than you really have. The Glossier balm dotcom comes everywhere with me, and is one of the very best balms around. Also I needed about twenty-five identical lipsticks, but Charlotte Tilbury Liv it Up was a favourite and has definitely cemented itself as one of my top five lipsticks… ever!

Skincare wise, it was mainly La Roche Posay with lots of SPF – I couldn’t really be bothered to do anything too elaborate, but made sure I did a quick double cleanse in the evening and tried to drink lots of water throughout the week.


Are you as bad at packing lightly for holiday makeup as I am?