Hyped Heroes: The Beauty Blender

beauty blender

So the little beauty blender sponge might look inconspicuous, but the beauty blender is definitely one of the most hyped beauty tools around. It deserves to be a hyped hero because the little sponge is a game-changer when it comes to perfecting you base.

So, who are Beauty Blender?

The Beauty Blender brand was born from MUA Rea Ann Silva after a need arose for a perfect finish on HD television. It started out in the US, and has basically gone everywhere now – it’s the sponge that has launched a thousand dupes. It’s designed using a super-soft material that is used damp to apply and makeup product flawlessly.

What makes the beauty blender so hyped?

I definitely think the hype from this is due to the blanket coverage – I have seen basically every youtuber use this in a tutorial so it essentially became the ~norm~ pretty quickly. I think the majority of bloggers use a beauty blender, and I think what makes it so hyped is that it’s the sort of product that you stay loyal to for a long time as the finish is addictive.

What’s the sponge like?

A little squishy egg. It started out hot pink, but now it comes in loads of different colours (shown above the baby pink bubble shade, the Summer Fling neon trilogy, the Swirl marbled one, a Selfridges yellow… loads! The sponge is teeny tiny when it’s dry, and then it double in size when it’s damp – I always run mine in cold water. I find the material different to other sponges because it’s so light and fluffy – it’s more absorbent than other ones and the finished effect is that it feels softer on the skin.

What makes it a hero?

It’s a hero because it makes the skin look so flawless – having used other brushes since, I always prefer the finish of the beauty blender because of how it makes the bases look on the skin. It works with any foundation to make the coverage look dewy and never cakey, so it’s a winner for me.