Three to try from Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever

When I think of Makeup Forever, I think makeup artist as the brand seems to be full of hard-working products that are for perfecting the complexion. I’ve tried quite a few picks from the brand, but these three are my favourite that I’ve tried so far.

The suits-all lipstick

I bought this Makeup Forever lipstick in Sephora because it promised to suit every single skin tone – Rosewood is one of their best-sellers and it’s been around since the 90s so it’s perfect for an understated nude lipstick. I can’t testify to it suiting every single skin tone, but I can imagine that this shade would become a permanent staple in quite a few makeup bags. The artist rouge creme formula is one I do think that everyone would enjoy though, as it’s lovely. Creamy, pigmented and comfortable on the lips. 

A primer for everyone

I’ve spoken about how much I love primers numerous times, so when a brand has a dedicated primer category I’m all over it. There are six in the line and there’s one for every skin concern – my pick is the hydrating one because I’m all about having smooth skin. I’ve heard good things about the radiant primer, too.

The best concealer for blemishes

This concealer takes the award of being my favourite pick for whenever I have a blemish to cover – sadly, this happens more often than I would like. The Full Cover concealer (mentioned here also) is a really pigmented concealer that pretty much covers anything. It’s too dry for the under eyes, but on any oilier areas of the skin it manages to sit perfectly without budging. I tend to apply the tiniest dot underneath foundation and then set the whole thing with powder and it does not budge. I’ve gone through a whole tube and I’m halfway through my second – keep in mind that it’s the most pigmented formula so one dot goes a long way.


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