My Makeup Right Now

summer makeup favourites

I’m a creature of habit, in that I find a makeup look I like and tend to stick to it. My makeup right now is a mix of warm shadows smoked out, all the mascara, nude lips and lots of peachy blush. I suppose that’s my makeup all the time, but I’ve actually been pretty loyal to a few products in particular. No surprises here, but good products!

The palette of the moment

Yup, the Naked Heat palette is all kinds of awesome. I know it’s incredibly hyped right now, but I can’t help but add some more… it’s such a gorgeous palette. I included some makeup looks here, so you can see the shades on the eyes. It’s all I’ve been using – either on its own, or with a Stila glitter shade thrown in there. Im adding lots of black liner and the new L’oreal mascara (see it on here) into the mix as well, because it’s all about the eyes right now!

The perfect peach blush

I’ve fallen absolutely back in love with the Marc Jacobs blush in Lines and Last night. It’s pretty much the perfect peach shade. It looks beautiful in the pan, and the shade is nice and brightening when swirled together. I like using a duo-fibre brush to give the colour a nice diffused finish, and I find the shade complements the orange tones in the naked palette nicely.

A nude lip

Lastly, I’m really into nude lips right now. I love my brights, but I find a nude lip goes so nicely with the slightly more ~dramatic~ eyes and maybe I’ve found my signature makeup look? Nothing new or exiting here, but some old favourites like Mac Faux and Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink are favourites. I’m also really into the new Guerlain matte lipstick – I will pop up a post next week on those!


What makeup are you loving at the moment?