Makeup To Wakeup

makeup to wakeup

Hands up who else is tired? I know that I’m permanently after five more minutes of sleep, so I’m #blessed for makeup that can fake it. From the heavy-duty concealer that banishes dark circles and the primer you need for adding some radiance; all you need now is some coffee and you’re good to go. 

The glow-giving primer

When I’m tired and dreaming of bed, it’s got to be all about the base; something light and illuminating makes a world of difference. I tend to start with some vitamin C skincare (see my guide here) to ramp up the dewiness, and then go in with a glow-giving primer. The Wonder Glow from Tilbs is a really good pick for making the skin look more alive in a flash. I find it works best under a lighter base as then the two give a soft-focus finish to the skin. I think a primer like this is an essential any day, but especially when you want to look more awake.

The heavy-duty concealer

I think I’ve found the concealer to end all concealers. It’s heavy-duty stuff and manages to lighten up the under eye areas in record time. It’s the bye bye under eye full-coverage concealer from It Cosmetics and it’s amazing. The tiniest dot is needed (and I mean tiny) to completely cover both sides of the face. I find it works best when tapped into the skin using fingers. I do find it lightens up the under eyes and instantly makes me look refreshed and more awake. The texture is really creamy, so I find it sits nicely on the skin and I set it with a little powder to make sure it doesn’t crease – the texture is quite moveable. I don’t find it to crease on my dry skin, even with a little powder.

The highlighter that adds warmth

The final piece de resistance in the makeup illusion would be a good highlighter – I find the tones in the Jouer rose gold to have a particularly brightening effect on the skin. The shade is not as icy as some of my other picks so it manages to give skin a lit from within look and the shimmer does catch the light beautifully. My current favourite method for highlighter is using a big fluffy fan brush (this one) and then dusting that pretty much everywhere. I like the glow!


Add in some sunglasses and a bright lipstick and I’m out the door… do you have any makeup favourites for looking more awake?


makeup to wakeup