How I Manage My Time Blogging

How I manage my time blogging

If there’s one thing I can do, it’s make the most out of my time and knowing how to use my time blogging! I publish daily content and have a full-time job, so I always try to make sure that my time is used as efficiently as possible. Last week I shared some tips on the five things I do for my blog everyday (you can see that here), and I got asked to share some pointers on how I manage my time as well.

Find out when you’re most productive

For me, I work best in the morning because I’m such a morning person. I find getting up at 6am and working on some blog pieces first thing in the morning works well for me. Writing so much easier for me when my brain is switched on, so I work a lot faster. I quite often end up doing some bits after work, but the difference is so apparent – I crash out by 10pm and I love sleep. If you’re a night owl, then maybe carve out an hour in the evening to dedicate to your blog.

Have a schedule, and stick to it

I work best when I have a routine, and I think that’s the key to posting on your blog. Find a posting schedule that works for you, and stick to it! I respond well to the ‘pressure’ of having a deadline. If you know you want to post twice a week, stick to those two days and times and then it just becomes easier and easier.

Use all the time you have

Use your morning commute to work on some content ideas, schedule some tweets whilst making your morning coffee, reply to comments in your lunch… If you think how many hours are in the day, there’s always an opportunity to squeeze in a bit of blog work. If you think ~blog~ it sounds overwhelming, but break down the jobs into little manageable tasks and then it’s so much easier.

Have a break when you need it

Most importantly – don’t stress yourself out working if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. I tend to schedule things ahead so I can have a few days off because relaxing is my very favourite thing to do. Blogging is fun, so I don’t get stressed out about it.


How do you manage your time with your blog?