The New Skincare Gadget You Need

A skincare gadget - Foreo Espada review

I love testing out new skincare and especially a new skincare gadget – I love elaborate sheet masks, cleansing brushes, jade rollers… all fun additions to a skincare routine. My latest discovery is the ESPADA from Foreo (I reviewed their Luna here), which uses blue light to quickly treat blemishes on the skin.

So how does it work?

The device uses blue LED light to target the blemishes within each and every pore. The wavelength of the light goes beneath the skin and gets rid of any bacteria causing the skin to break out – the light has the capability to go fairly deep within the skin. The ESPADA uses the same Blue LED light as a lot of dermatologists. I tend to get blemishes under the skin so the light should treat those ones effectively, as it’s designed to reach below the epidermis.

How do you use it?

The device is wireless, pretty small and compact – it’s going to be coming in my suitcase with me when I come on holiday. To use it (on clean skin) you hold it lightly on the skin wherever the blemish is and just switch it on – the device pulsates on the skin and emits the light for thirty seconds at a time. The thirty seconds are great, because it’s short enough to not become a time-consuming chore! You can treat a particular spot a few times in a row, or treat the area a few times in one day. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest, and just feels slightly ticklish as it moves against the skin.

My thoughts so far

My initial thoughts about this device are really good – I’ll be using this daily, and checking back in after a 30 days of continued use to update you! This is going to a really good addition to an already established skincare routine as it’s not designed to take the place of consistent care for the skin. I love skincare, so for me it’s a fun addition.


What do you think?