The Nude Lipsticks That Don’t Wash You Out

The Nude Lipsticks That Don't Wash You Out

Finding the perfect nude lip to complement a smokey eye… difficult! Maybe (definitely) I’m too fussy, but I like a shade to be pale enough to balance out the entire makeup lewk but not too pale. I don’t like nude shades that wash you out, so a nude lip has to look suitably peachy and it has to warm up the complexion.

Stila Angelo

When I think nude lip, I tend to lean towards something peachy… I just think the tones have the warmth that stop everything looking pasty. I’m also a liquid lipstick addict, with the Stila being one of my very favourites. Stila Angelo is one of the very best peachy nudes around; it’s soft and flattering to wear and it lasts forever on the lips. It also smells like cake, which is always going to be a good thing.

NARS Raquel

I think this shade definitely has universal appeal because four people in my office also own it… I guess it’s one of those shades everyone loves. It’s Raquel from the Audacious range and it’s pretty much the perfect beige. Calling something beige might not sound particularly inspiring, but beige is not to be overlooked when it comes to beauty staples. I think what makes this shade so nice is that it’s incredibly creamy and opaque; the shade is more of a dirty peach so it has enough brown tones in it to stop it looking too pale.

Glossier Cake

If you want a lipstick that offers a nude wash of colour without being overtly pigmented, then this is the one for you. The Generation G formula from Glossier is really easy to wear; it’s sheer, non-drying and gives a diffused colour for the lips. Cake is definitely pretty similar to my natural lip colour, so it’s not particularly exciting to reach for but it does do its job well. It never looks overdone and doesn’t overpower any makeup look.


Do you have any go-to nudes for when you wear a smokey eye?