Five Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

So you’ve written an absolutely amazing blog posts and you’ve included everything you need to. Now what? After you hit publish, there are five different things you can do to promote blog posts and to make sure that your post gets as much traffic as possible.

Get social

Once you’ve got your post, get sharing it. Use whatever scheduling tool you prefer (I love Buffer), and schedule in some tweets and facebook posts so your feed can promote your post whilst you’re doing other stuff. I think that it’s good to have quite a few tweets queued up (my buffer is set to 14 a day) as a tweet lasts about 5 minutes in terms of visibility.

Share your imagery

I would count Pinterest and Instagram as entirely different platforms as they’re entirely based on eye-catching visuals. I’m really trying to get into sharing more on Pinterest as I know it’s a huge untapped source of traffic. Instagram wise, I share images I love especially but I do try to have non blog post imagery as well to keep it interesting.

Join a chat

Twitter is such a good place to quickly connect with other bloggers and bounce ideas back and forth; joining a chat and answering any questions is a perfect opportunity to further promote your posts. I’ve recently started a new one (#BloggerBrunchChat) that meets on a Sunday and I’m trying to retweet as many blog links as I can, so join in. Tagging in Blog RT accounts is also good, but stick to one or two so it’s not spammy.

Do some guest posts

Help a fellow blogger out if they’re short on time and share some new content on their channels too. Don’t offer your posts via email to someone you’ve never spoken to, though! I’ve had people ask me to guest post because they’re going on holiday and I have gladly done it. Also don’t forget to link to old blog posts within your new post as this promotes the old ones and helps SEO.

Be active

Get involved in the blogging community; don’t expect to post something and have it become an overnight success. Working on your blog is hard so it’s not an overnight thing. Leaving thoughtful, and sincere, comments with your blog link on other people’s articles is nice. Just get chatting and engaging with people and keep on creating amazing content!


Do you have any tips for promoting your posts?