Skincare Steps That Make A Difference

Skincare Steps That Make A Difference

A skincare routine can range from anything from a face wipe in the evening (hopefully not) to an elaborate 11 step routine that takes twenty minutes. Mine tends to vary drastically depending on how tired I am come makeup removal time, but there are some steps that always make a difference to my skin.

A good exfoliator

I love chemical exfoliators, but I make sure to include something grainy once a twice a week. My skin can err on the dry side so getting rid of dry and dull skin is important in terms of skin looking radiant. I tend to use a scrub in the shower to minimise the messiness; it’s a step that instantly makes skin look fresher and a little brighter. I really like this Rose one from Superfacialist because it’s very ~scrubby~ but can also be mixed with more water/cleanser to make sure it isn’t too harsh.

A toner

I know some people skip toner, but on my dry skin I consider it an essential step. It’s an extra layer of hydration, and I find a good toner to be particularly refreshing on the skin. A mist is even better because it’s quick and feels refreshing – I like the Omorovicza one.

An eye cream

I’m still not entirely convinced about whether an eye cream makes any difference compared to just using your regular moisturiser, but… I do use one! If I don’t moisturise around my eyes properly, it makes such a difference. It just makes me look tired, old and dull.


SPF is next to godliness. At least it should be, because it’s definitely one of the most important skincare steps in anyone’s routine (more here). A good SPF should be worn daily, as it’s the best thing for preventing skin damage and premature ageing. HEV light (the light emitted from your phones and screens) is on the list along with UV rays, so it’s unavoidable. I like this one from Alumier because it’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave the skin looking greasy.


What skincare steps do you always go back to?