Ten Things To Make Monday Better

Make Monday Better

Monday is back… I’m back to work and I’m determined to make this Monday better. I’ve gone through my ten little suggestions to make today more enjoyable and less Mondayish. 

  1. Wake up early and spend an extra half an hour getting ready. Having fancier hair or using your favourite body lotion is an important little act of self-care. I find my makeup starts off nicely on Monday and then gets worse throughout the week…
  2. Drink all the coffee, and eat all of the food. Breakfast is the best bit of the morning and having something exciting like a bagel is sure-fire motivation.
  3. Have everything planned out. Bit of a sneaky one, but I am trying to embrace being organised on a Sunday so that Monday is a lot easier. I’m trying to lay out my clothes in advance, take in packed lunches and have my bag packed… Optimistic, yes!
  4. Make plans for the week ahead. Having dinner plans or a cinema trip is basically mandatory if you want to get through the week! The weekend is just too far away
  5. Have some essential Monday listening sorted. I found the best playlist, Sweet Sole Sunday, which was my Sunday ambience music and I liked it so much that I’m carrying it over. I’m also a big fan of listening to playlists on my commute and then also having a good book to read on the tube. Having something nice and distracting definitely makes Monday go faster.
  6. Make a list for the week ahead. Stationery is always good, and making a list breaking down the week ahead is a good way to feel motivated and make sure you’re on top of everything.
  7. Subscribe to my newsletter. It goes out on a Monday morning and is scientifically proven to make Mondays a lot more exciting. Next week will be back with a bang after I took a break from holiday and I promise to be unnecessarily extra and make it jam-packed full of secrets and exciting bits.
  8. Have a fun lunch – I am absolutely against sitting at desks and eating a sad sandwich any day, but especially the day of dread. Meeting someone for lunch or going out of your way to walk to your favourite haunt breaks up your day nicely. If you work from home (don’t make me jealous), try getting out and working in a coffee shop for the morning or cooking something exciting.
  9. Have a Game of Thrones dinner party – the thought of watching Game of Thrones definitely makes my Monday go a bit faster. I’m definitely a fan girl, but I am obsessed with this season and look forward to watching it all day. Going one further and having a nice dinner to eat whilst watching is even better in my book. Bonus points for heating up Sunday’s leftovers because the lazy life is the life for me.
  10. Have an early night! Getting up on Monday morning, I can guarantee I’m counting down the hours until I can get back into bed. I’m a grandma because my favourite thing to do is curl up with a good book and have an ovaltine…


How are you surviving Monday?