The Best Lashes Ever

Fleur de force fleur loves lashes

So the hunt is over – I’ve found the best lashes ever. They’re easy to apply, they make your lashes look better, they’re comfortable to wear and they’re easy to get. They are the Fleur de Force Fleur Loves lashes and they are perfection.

The secret to their success? They’re a 3/4 length lash, so they hug the outer corners of the eyes. I find sometimes with lashes they come too long, so I have to trim them and shape them to the eye – not with these, as they’re the right length already. The shape is also tapered so it gives a good cat eye effect, and they’re fluttery enough to make your lashes look better but not heavy or droopy (I’m wearing them in the photo below).

With applying lashes, I tend to use Duo glue and apply using tweezers – most of the time I take a minute of silence and pray to the eyelash gods as well, because glueing extra hair onto your face is no small task.


Have you found your perfect lashes?