A Skincare Game Changer From Caudalie

caudalie brightening essence

Toners have always been a permanent fixture in my skincare routine; I find they make such a difference to how soft skin can be. I’ve dabbled in essences before, but hadn’t found ‘the one’ until I tried this; a skincare game changer from Caudalie (see more Caudalie here). It looks suspiciously like a toner, but has some extra skin-brightening ingredients that have been making such a difference in my morning skincare routine.

What is an essence?

Essentially, I’d call this a souped-up toner. Essences are a whole step in the Korean ten-step skincare routine, designed to go after toners but before serums. I’m using this in place of a toner, as it’s very fluid in texture and I don’t find I need anything more than this. Ingredient wise, it’s packed! It has a very mild gycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and brighten, along with white peony to balance the skin. It also has grape water to hydrate.

I’ve been using it morning and evening for the past six weeks, and obviously too vigorously as I managed to break the lid… I’m about a third of the way through the bottle, so it’s lasting nicely. I tend to pour some out into my hands and then I pat it into the skin. It sinks straight into the skin, and then leaves a light veil of hydration on the skin. Serums apply smoothly over the top, and it’s just such a quick step that manages to make a difference to hydration and skin’s texture.


Have you tried an essence before?